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To be mad at MIL?

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Squiglettsmummy2bx Tue 12-Jul-11 22:24:47

Bfs 30th birthday today, had a bit of s tiff yesterday but expected him here after work for cake etc. His mum rings me to say she has been called by police station to say that he has been arrested as he looks like someone who attempted to break into a house. As he has been at work all day & was on his way home I believe this is mistaken identity as he has stated to her. She has been called rather than me as she is down as next of kin, he doesn't know my number off my heart& his phone battery has been dead all day so no way to retrieve my number. So she calls to tell me this so I don't worry that he hasn't come here & also to tell me he needs clothes, cigarettes, food & drink but that she has no money to facilitate this. I say that I have money but it is 7pm, I have 2 dc & am pregnant this is awkward for me. She refuses to help so I then drop my dc at my friends (she has 4 dc, 2 under 2!) buy things from shop & am waiting for bus when MIL comes strolling along with £10 in hand off to the chippy to get food for her 17yr old DS. She has a chat to me & off she trots. I midtskingly send txt meant for friend to MIL flagging her off for lying that she has no money etc. I get cab to police station where I am told bf can not have any of what I have brought & that MIL has been ringing them constantly & knows this. I have text her again really raging now. But basically I'm a bitch & she has done nothing wrong. I actually want to kill her & told police man that I was going to kill her for making me run around & he just laughed. AIBU to think she is a twisted bitch?!??

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Tue 12-Jul-11 22:32:47

What do you think that her motivation was? What do you think she was aiming to do by getting you to do this?

WhoAteMySnickers Tue 12-Jul-11 22:33:01

Your MIL sounds a bit bonkers, and it doesn't take the police hours to sort out a simple case of mistaken identity where your bf has been at work, presumably in front of numerous witnesses all day.

YABU though to be raging at your MIL. Im sure your bf is big enough and ugly enough to sort himself out without you and your MIL getting involved. Relax, think of your blood pressure, and await your bf being bailed.

CocktailQueen Tue 12-Jul-11 22:34:40

You all sound completely chavvy and horrid.

squeakytoy Tue 12-Jul-11 22:37:56

When was the burglary meant to have taken place? Just because he was at work today doesnt mean it happened today... and if his phone has been dead all day, how do you know where he was????

As for the £10, maybe that is all she had, and she needed to feed the family who were not being supplied with custody food.

All sounds very Jeremy Kyle to me grin

glassescase Tue 12-Jul-11 22:39:25

Haaaaaaaaaaa CocktailQueen! Did you really just say that shock grin

niceday Tue 12-Jul-11 22:39:55

Tell your bf to learn your phone numbers! With 3 Dcs it's kinda important.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Tue 12-Jul-11 22:40:33

He has been released with no charge, it was a mistake. She is very random, doesn't like me because her family are very Jeremy Kyle & I don't fit in so sending me on a run around would be a laugh for her.

squeakytoy Tue 12-Jul-11 22:41:55

Why did you not ring the police station yourself before trekking off there?

WhoAteMySnickers Tue 12-Jul-11 22:42:52

Well then you were a fool to fall for it.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Tue 12-Jul-11 22:45:57

I did ring but was told they were busy & could not take call. I didn't think a 50 year old woman would be so childish but obviously I was wrong.

squeakytoy Tue 12-Jul-11 22:47:31

MIL had managed to get through to them "constantly" though.. perhaps it was her tying up the line... grin

So, is he home now for his cake?

CurrySpice Tue 12-Jul-11 22:48:46

YOur BF is being held at a police station on suspicion of burglary and you are worried about a spat with his mother?!? shock

Words fail me sad

superjobeespecs Tue 12-Jul-11 22:54:53

his mum sounds barmy you poor thing, hope you've got your bf home now and the kiddies of coarse smile

NewShooz Tue 12-Jul-11 22:55:39

This story sounds a bit bonkers to me...

You have 2 children that you take round to a friends house, when presumably I am guessing they are getting ready for tea/bath/bed? If not your friend's children must be.

You take her word for it that he needs/is allowed to have all this stuff (fags etc) when you already know that MIL is a little 'bonkers', shall we say?

His mobile battery is convieniantly dead, so there's no way he could have called you instead.

You see MIL whilst waiting for a bus, but you go to the Police station in a cab.

And then 15 minutes after writing all this, he's been released???

AgentZigzag Tue 12-Jul-11 22:57:58

You live an interesting life OP.

bubaluchy Tue 12-Jul-11 23:49:38

Woah this kind of complicated would be enough to drive me crazy you sound like, 'it's all in a days work'
I hope all is resolved now

HappyDoll Wed 13-Jul-11 00:02:51

Sorry? What?

She said he needs clothes, fags, food and drink? So, this is what he said to her. Are neither of you capable of telling him no? I'm not surprised she didn't jump to his rescue, I wouldn't. If it had got to the morning, maybe so.

She told you that she doesn't have any money? She has a tenner for her tea. That's reasonable, she doesn't want to spend her 'dinner money' on fags for her grown up son who has got himself into bother.

She chats to you when she then sees you out...sounds reasonable.

You then send a text to her slagging her off and then another one when you are "really raging". You've told the police that you want to kill her.

Would you really like me to tell you whether YABU?

You do know that you sound like a perfect JK 'contestant' don't you? Next time, just phone them and ask the details. Honestly! Muppet!

BitOfFun Wed 13-Jul-11 00:36:52

Goodness me, what a pickle!

ddubsgirl Wed 13-Jul-11 08:25:31

i can see why you are cross,my brother got arrsested few years ago late at night and we couldnt get any info at all as to what had happend and how long it would take as for you mil getting you to run about was out of order.

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