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Gut reaction advice please

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knittedbreast Mon 11-Jul-11 09:56:37

Ok, as quick as you can.

do i stay, out of catchment in 2 bed house over looking a motor way and train track with very long walk from ds amazing school and all his friends


do i move into 3 bedhouse with larger garden in quiet road in catchment on the road of 2 of ds best friends. House is a state but agents said they will refurb and i can have it however i like and they will do all the work.

rent is 50 a month more. it will also mean my daughter will get into the school

what would you do?

and ....go!

CheerMum Mon 11-Jul-11 09:58:52

can you afford the extra £50 per month? if so, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

jumpingjackhash Mon 11-Jul-11 09:58:57

Er, no-brainer, surely? Move to the 3-bed! [consufed] as to why you're even asking.

dolldaggabuzzbuzz Mon 11-Jul-11 09:59:04

The 2nd one.

jumpingjackhash Mon 11-Jul-11 09:59:40

D'oh... confused as to why you're asking.

<brain not woken up yet>

FoundWanting Mon 11-Jul-11 09:59:53


fivegomadindorset Mon 11-Jul-11 10:00:15

If you can afford the extra £50 then second one.

QuoththeRaven Mon 11-Jul-11 10:00:17

i would do the second one surely? i don't even really understand why you're asking, its a bit of a no brainer

olderyetwider Mon 11-Jul-11 10:00:27

Start packing right now!

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Mon 11-Jul-11 10:00:32

As long as I could still put food on teh table, Icant see any reason why you wouldnt go for the 3 bed? Or am I missing soemthing?

EuphemiaMcGonagall Mon 11-Jul-11 10:00:47

Move, if you can afford it.

Rindercella Mon 11-Jul-11 10:01:06

The 2nd one, so long as you can afford the extra £50 a month.

ChildofIsis Mon 11-Jul-11 10:01:17

I would go.
The peace of mind and the extra time from not having a long walk would be worth the money.

However if it's got an extra bedroom it's likely to have a higher council tax band, is it worth checking with the local authority first?

Make sure you know what will be left to you to do and see if you can get a discount on the rent in return for doing some of the refurb yourself.
They may just bite your hand off to get you in quick.

mumblechum1 Mon 11-Jul-11 10:01:33

Move to the 3 bed. £50 a month is little more than the cost of a daily newspaper.

MummyTigger Mon 11-Jul-11 10:03:08

Why are you even asking?! GO WOMAN [hgrin]

ZillionChocolate Mon 11-Jul-11 10:03:16

If you can afford it, I'd move. If you're satsified with the refurbishment, I'd see if they'd agree to a longer lease to avoid having to move out too quickly. We did this with our last house and agreed a year initial term and were able to negotiate a free first month's rent.

NotEnoughTime Mon 11-Jul-11 10:04:51

I would start packing asap if I was you!

Good luck in your new home wink

addictediam Mon 11-Jul-11 10:05:50

If you can afford it, go!

Why haven't you packed already?

knittedbreast Mon 11-Jul-11 10:08:14

the reason im asking is because i have moved about 9 times in the last 5 years, mostly while at university. i hate moving, i know that sounds pathetic.

i suppose we can afford the extra 50 a month (well we can make ourslves afford it).

the rent in 900 a month, when i asked the rent and the agent told me i laughed and said than you nut no cant afford it at all so she dropped it by 50 a month as we are a fmaily. (the rental market here is hgh and done by room as its a uni town).

im viewing the house today at half 11. thing is while there are more rooms the living rooms and bedrooms are a bit smaller. kitchen is much much bigger, large bathroom and kitchen is probebly near double the size. east facing etc...

chimchar Mon 11-Jul-11 10:14:40

sounds great! move. smile your ds will have many happy days playing with his mates in your nice new bigger garden.

ShirlOckholmes Mon 11-Jul-11 10:15:45


Kveta Mon 11-Jul-11 10:17:48


NerfHerder Mon 11-Jul-11 10:22:20

How long will it take them to refurb? Will you be paying rent whilst it's unliveable? (ie possibly paying 2 rents)

knittedbreast Mon 11-Jul-11 10:26:10

god no nerf. that was ahlf the attraction they need about 8 weeks i can use that time to save the deposit up and then just move into new home.

looks like il be moving then!

ive had a look around at other places in the area and the are like 2000 a month (im not rich, but the terraces have all been changed into bedrooms so you can make a 2 bed into a 3 bed and then charge350-400 per month per room if not more).

there is nothing for families to rent, the state of the homes are mostly shit becuase they rent to students and dont bother to maintain them.

fuck it, wel rent it.!

ragged Mon 11-Jul-11 10:35:45


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