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WIBU to hunt this person down and make them pay? (Not in a literal sense... but you see my point!) *Warning: Torchwood spoiler*

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MummyTigger Sun 10-Jul-11 19:24:12

Alright, I'm probably being VERY VERY FUCKING UNREASONABLE. But I don't care, I'm rather irritated sad

Watched the new episode of Torchwood online last night, and without giving away any actual plot details I feel obliged to tell you all that Gwen has named her daughter Anwen.


Anwen? You mean the same name that I deliberately earmarked for future use for my beautiful yet unconceived daughter?! HOW DARE SHE!

Sorry, but I deliberately hunted for ages for a girls' name that's a) Welsh in origin and b) not very common. Having lived in Wales for 21 years (with a DP who has lived in Wales for 23 and who speaks fluent Welsh), I've NEVER heard that name before. Ever. And as far as he knows, neither has he.

So I just find it all a bit too coincidental that a few months after I decide to name any future DD of mine Anwen, they decide to pick that name out of EVERY SINGLE BLOODY NAME IN THE WORLD.

So now, not only will everyone think I've stolen it off Torchwood, but there will be bloody loads of women watching it who go "Anwen?! Oooooh what a nice name!" and will then take it for their own! It'll be as common as Teagan or Megan! (There are around 12 each in my brothers' school, so that's all I meant by common, before someone starts throwing buns grin)

So yes, I'm being very unreasonable. And I know it. But it doesn't stop me from wanting to hunt down the writers and gut them like fish angry biscuit

Poweredbypepsi Sun 10-Jul-11 19:28:31

Yanbu I always used to imagine having a daughter called kate now i can't because people will think I named her after Kate Middleton. My dh thinks im crazy to worry but he just doesn't understand how much I dont want to name my daughter after a princess smile.

P.s anwen IS a lovely name grin (fellow welsh mum here)

SarahStratton Sun 10-Jul-11 19:28:58

I get very PFB over obscure classical music I find. It's usually then swiped to use in an advert or some sports shite within a couple of months sad

AliGregoryTheAllegory Sun 10-Jul-11 19:30:50

In my teens and early twenties my Dd was going to be Willow - which i got from a very elderly lady down my road....

....then Buffy happened angry - and there are now bloody hundreds of them!

FWIW it was irrelevant anyway as i had boys....

AliGregoryTheAllegory Sun 10-Jul-11 19:32:06

I wouldn't worry too much - i'm not sure the new series will be roundly liked or watched....

MummyTigger Sun 10-Jul-11 19:32:20

Poweredbypepsi I know, it's gorgeous isn't it?! We picked it because it's really quite obscure but can't use it now.

In fact, thinking about it, it's going to be even bloody worse! Her full name would be Anwen Rose Evans - after my DP's late grandmother Rose. NOT AFTER THE BLOODY DR WHO matter how amazing she was ;)

My poor child... she'd get bullied 'til the cows come home!

And SarahStratton I know exactly what you mean - it happens every time I find ANYTHING that I like! Everyone ends up raving about it and I'm like "Hang on, I've known about this years, don't just lump me in with the rest of the bandwagon-jumping numpties!"

MummyTigger Sun 10-Jul-11 19:33:46

And AliGregory... my friend had exactly the same issue. Loved the name Willow, then that came out and ruined it. She also loved the name Summer, but after SUmmer Glau went and made it big in Firefly there are millions of them about the place too! catbumface

SpecialFriedRice Sun 10-Jul-11 19:37:10


I have a Tiegan actually. Got the name from Home and Away years ago and always thought if I ever have a DD thats what she'd be called. Never heard it anywhere else in all the years since. Out pops DD and I get carted up to the postnatal ward and the first midwife I speak to has a DD named... Tiegan!! (Prob a diff spelling though) Now there's tiegans (or teigans,tegans,teagans etc) everywhere... Bastards! God damn bastards! angry

Grumpla Sun 10-Jul-11 19:39:09

Pity me. My theoretical daughter was going to be named Dido, after Dido Twite in the amazing books by Joan Aiken.

Then that warbling twit appeared on the scene sad

jabberwocky Sun 10-Jul-11 19:41:05

That happened to us. Picked a name that was very unique at the time, then it became the name of a popular character on a TV show and has now been the number one name in the US since, ummm, about the year ds1 was born angry

hairylights Sun 10-Jul-11 19:41:19

Yabu. It's a very common welsh name. I know lots of anwens (please pronounce it right btw if you use it Anwen not an"win"

HarryPotheadLicksDobby Sun 10-Jul-11 19:44:31

Ok is the new series out already??? WHen, what channel, times????

<Realise i am infact in TW mania>

AliGregoryTheAllegory Sun 10-Jul-11 19:46:46

I think Rolf Harris is married to an Arwen - or maybe an Alwen....

AliGregoryTheAllegory Sun 10-Jul-11 19:47:41

sorry -that first one was meant was meant to be Anwen - pretty sure he's not married to the horsewoman of Rohan blush

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Sun 10-Jul-11 19:49:07

My mum was going to call my brother Joshua, then Bev in Brookside called her baby that a day before db was born so Joshua became his middle name in case anyone thought my mum copied Brookie!

I am not telling anyone my potential future DD's name because then you'll all want to use it [glares] but unfortunately it's also top of my sister's list so we just have to see who has a dd first!

TheMonster Sun 10-Jul-11 19:49:58

Oh dear oh dear.

MummyTigger Sun 10-Jul-11 19:55:04

Hairylights Don't worry, I know it's An-when rather than An-win smile

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this problem! I think we should boycott all TV shows!

HarryPotheadLicksDobby - it's out in America now, I watch it online. s plebs in the UK have to wait until Thursday... or you can just click this link right here! grin

AliGregoryTheAllegory Sun 10-Jul-11 19:55:29

Bugger that was Eowyn - time to leave before i sully a totally normal conversation with LOTR crap.......<runs>-------------->

ObiWan Sun 10-Jul-11 19:59:57

Ahem. My DD is Arwen.
As far as I can see the LOTR films did nothing for the name that the books hadn't done.

Torchwood? Pah - a flash in the pan! grin

AliGregoryTheAllegory Sun 10-Jul-11 21:42:13

Well i envy you that then grin - calling your dog Strider and thinking you are super cool a few years before the first film (spits) came out is not a good thing when folk then suggest you might have a thing for the actor who played Aragorn....hmm

It did seem obscure at the time.....

biddysmama Sun 10-Jul-11 22:09:07

i'm annoyed because i named my son (9 years old) a name that was then used as a surname in dr who..... and the only girls name me and dh can agree on for this baby is the first name of the same character which then makes the full name of the character... that make sens...who can guess that name now grin

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