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to think a stranger should not let themselves into a porch/bootroom

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whats4teamum Fri 08-Jul-11 16:19:08

when there is a fully functioning doorbell outside. A stranger opened a shut but unlocked door into my bootroom and proceeded to hammer on back door. I feel that a porch is part of someone's home and if you don't know them you are not at liberty to step inside without invitation. You wouldn't step into someone's hall to shout up the stairs or into a conservatory to knock on door so why would you enter my bootrooom.

bamboobutton Fri 08-Jul-11 16:24:40

it's not something i could even begin to get worked up about tbh.

i thought the whole point of those porches was so that people could knock at your door without the rain soaking them? so i would expect people to open it iyswim.

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