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for feeling upset about my friend's comments, or is she right and I was really stupid?

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PeggyCarter Fri 08-Jul-11 13:16:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Riddo Fri 08-Jul-11 13:18:58

I have never heard of anyone having to take a double dose. It's hardly your fault, if you weren't told.

Congratulations BTW smile

MrsCarriePooter Fri 08-Jul-11 13:19:02

Looks at own packet of mini pills

Looks, regretfully, at the scales



BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Fri 08-Jul-11 13:19:16

I have no idea if she is right but she is bloody rude....and she is your friend because?????

Of course you're not thick....unless you're a doctor or someone tells you how are you supposed to know?

SortingHardHat Fri 08-Jul-11 13:20:18

Why oh why do you spend time with this person?

WoTmania Fri 08-Jul-11 13:20:29

YANBU - I had no idea. I would be querying the GP not telling you too.
oh, and, some friend she sounds like hmm

EvenLessNarkyPuffin Fri 08-Jul-11 13:20:50

No. YANBU. Your friend is being a rude fuckwit. If you are prescribed drugs you take the amount you are told to take. You don't take a bit extra. You assume the medical professional will give you the right dose.

MrsHoolie Fri 08-Jul-11 13:21:00

I have never heard of a double dose if you are a bit heavier. Although I have never been on the mini pill.

Your Dr should have told you the correct dosage so yanbu. It's not to do with your intelligence!

Your friend sounds a bit harsh too.

GeneHuntsMistress Fri 08-Jul-11 13:21:08

YABU for calling this woman your friend.

Seriously, get rid of her. And congratulations on your pregnancy.

NunTheWiser Fri 08-Jul-11 13:21:13

Unless you're a pharmacist or doctor, how on earth are you meant to know. Your "friend", for example, is a twat.

OveranxiousUnderated Fri 08-Jul-11 13:22:09

YANBU. How rude of your friend to say that in the manner that she did.

Also, I have never heard of that so no I don't think you were being thick.

...and Congratulations!! grin

MoonGirl1981 Fri 08-Jul-11 13:22:23

I didn't know that and dealing with medication is part of what I do for a living.

Congratulations on the baby!

And ditch the friend. You're not stupid and nor is eleven stone fat.

ShoutyHamster Fri 08-Jul-11 13:22:52

Silly non-friend!

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 08-Jul-11 13:24:03

Conclusive I'd say. I had no idea that you had to take more if you are heavier. I'd need four I would say.
You wouldn't take an extra paracetamol or an extra sennacot so it isn't something most people would know.
I would have a word with your doctor too.

Tillyscoutsmum Fri 08-Jul-11 13:24:06

Blimey. If you are fat & thick OP, then so am I hmm

I took the mini pill in between dc's (and after dc2 whilst waiting for DH to get the snip). I am also over 11 stone and I was never told to take any more than 1 per day.

Your "friend" sounds like a twat tbh.

Pinkjenny Fri 08-Jul-11 13:24:13

She is a complete idiot. You are not. I used to be on the mini pill and have never been told about a double dose.

Regardless of that, her comments were unforgivable in my opinion, and I would be cutting her out, effective immediately!

clemetteattlee Fri 08-Jul-11 13:24:24

Your midwife was wrong. Your friend was wrong. You do not take double doses of the PoP.

garlicnutter Fri 08-Jul-11 13:26:11

I'm curious about this, so looked it up.

Netdoctor says: "if you're significantly overweight, it's possible that the POP may not be effective enough for you, though there is some dispute about this."

Your friend is, indeed, a fuckwit. 11 stone is not significantly overweight and it's disputed anyway.


kisschase Fri 08-Jul-11 13:26:28

YANBU!! I was alot heavier than 11 stone when I was on the mini pill and neither my GP or the practise nurse said anything about doubling my dose!

Your "mate" is a first class bitch - you can def do without her in your life.

P.S Congratulations on the baby smile

CrapolaDeVille Fri 08-Jul-11 13:26:30


clemetteattlee Fri 08-Jul-11 13:27:05

To clarify: if you are on Cerazette you do not take double dose. If you are one of the older PoPs (eg the ones you have to take within 3 hours of your normal time) if you are over 70kg.

PeggyCarter Fri 08-Jul-11 13:28:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrillianAuror Fri 08-Jul-11 13:28:56

I think you'll find that everyone knows that you take the dose that your doctor/pharmacist tell you to take.

NotJoiningIn Fri 08-Jul-11 13:29:07

I was told that I would not be able to take the minipill if I was over 15 stone (I was 14 stone 7 at the time). 11 stone is not significantly overweight!

MoonGirl1981 Fri 08-Jul-11 13:29:50

So it's bullshit then?

Ah well. Time to say farewell to the gobshite friend, who's knows what other crap she'll start spouting!

You should send her a link to this thread, we could all wave!


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