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To be annoyed with Sister over this

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MigGril Fri 08-Jul-11 08:38:27

So Basically I'm having a bit of a rant but. My sister yesterday got my dad to look after her DD while she went to the dentist. As her DD couldn't go to nursery yesterday due to having been violently sick during the night.

I think she should have just cancelled said dentist appointment rather then inflict a most likely highly contagious child on my dad, who's in he's 60's although quit fit. I actually don't think that really matters I would never think of asking someone else to look after a sick (as in V&D) child. It just wouldn't cross my mind to possibly spread it to someone else.

For the record she currently on maternity leave so her DD still goes to nursery but doesn't have to as she's not at work.

Tee2072 Fri 08-Jul-11 08:40:21

You should change your username to Judgey McJudge Pants.

What does it have to do with you? Is your dad unable to say no to things when asked? Is he not an adult?

Or are you jealous because she got some childfree time and you didn't?

Catslikehats Fri 08-Jul-11 08:41:43

why is this even your concern?

Presumably your dad is a sane adult who is capable of saying no?

ABitBatty Fri 08-Jul-11 08:45:54

Some dentists charge patients for missing appointments at short notice.

You do sound a bit jealous though.

exoticfruits Fri 08-Jul-11 08:46:24

I thought that the father was going to be some frail elderly person-as a fit man in his 60's I'm sure that he can cope with a sick DC or say 'no'.

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 08-Jul-11 08:46:50

YABU for all the reasons already posted.

DoNotTakeMeSiriusly Fri 08-Jul-11 08:47:46

Ooooh don't even go there with the "still at nursery but doesnt need to" malarky!

It's none of your business what her childcare arrangement are!

If your Dad wasnt happy he should of said no, it isnt your concern.

<goes off to drop kids at childminder even though I'm not rota'd in to work today, would have to pay her anyway...>

CareyFakes Fri 08-Jul-11 08:49:48

YABU, nothing to do with you, if your father was happy to take the child then so what?

I'm a student, my daughter still attends 3 full days of nursery despite me being on holiday till October, fuck yeah!

DuelingFanjo Fri 08-Jul-11 08:50:27

do you like your sister?

Nailitorelse Fri 08-Jul-11 08:51:50

OP, get your nose out of other people's business! Get a life!!

Blurry29 Fri 08-Jul-11 08:52:20

Has your Dad expressed that he was unhappy with the situation?

Did the situation put you out at all??

Whether she can go to nursery or not clearly has nowt to do with you, does it?

Why are you pissed off with a situation that didn't involve you?

MigGril Fri 08-Jul-11 08:52:37

I was only tring to make it clear that she was desperate for child care as is'nt currently at work.

My own DD goes to preschool but I don't need her to.

I just wouldn't have even though about asking someone else to look after a child who's been violently sick.

StrandedHouseElf Fri 08-Jul-11 08:55:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cory Fri 08-Jul-11 08:57:49

To me (knocking 50), 60 doesn't seem so old and vulnerable that you would need another adult to think about your protection: surely that is entirely up to your dad? He is at an age where people rule the world, run large companies, start on life-changing research projects: unless he is suffering from premature senility I think you can leave it to him to make decisions about his own health and safety.

GypsyMoth Fri 08-Jul-11 08:58:09

What do you mean by violently sick?

Sick is sick......

HarryPotheadLicksDobby Fri 08-Jul-11 09:03:22

Wow OP, jealous much??

MigGril Fri 08-Jul-11 09:03:48

they where the words my dad used, I guess she was vomitting a lot.

Hullygully Fri 08-Jul-11 09:05:10

It does seem a bit of an odd thing to post about, I wonder why you fel that strongly about it.

echt Fri 08-Jul-11 09:05:39

What cory said. I'm in my late 50s and would take umbrage at the implication of being frail in the 60s.

DuelingFanjo Fri 08-Jul-11 09:11:15

do you dislike your sister?

wonkylegs Fri 08-Jul-11 09:11:25

I wouldn't leave my child if they were ill enough for hospital treatment but a spot of d&v ha, granny has had DS a few times for that. Chicken pox well granny & grandad will be 1st port of call at even a whiff of it because due to other medical probs I can't go near it ...
If ur dad had kicked up a fuss fair enough but what does it have to do with you?

MigGril Fri 08-Jul-11 09:13:15

Ok that's me told. I'm not great with post and don't always come accross well with words. But I really was genunaly baffuled as to why anyone would ask someone else to look after a being sick child if they didn't really need the child care.

BillComptonstrousers Fri 08-Jul-11 09:22:41

We have to wait 2 months to get an appointment at my dentist, so TBH, I would have done the same.

DoNotTakeMeSiriusly Fri 08-Jul-11 09:28:26

If she's still on maternity leave then she is probably taking advantage of the free dental care and if it takes a long time to get an appt then she might lose out.

Tee2072 Fri 08-Jul-11 09:37:15

But she did need the child care. She had an appointment. Now, I've taken my son to the dentist with me and he actually does get his teeth checked at them now, but that was because no one else was available to watch him. If someone had been available, even if he was a bit ill, then I wouldn't have taken him as a baby.

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