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to get fed up with our local swimmers closing the medium pool to the public?

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brokenmarrow Thu 07-Jul-11 16:37:49

I have a 3 1/2 yr old who is fairly good swimmer with arm bands. He has out grown the little ankle deep toddler pool.

I am short ! I hate taking him into the big pool as i cant touch the bottom in the middle and also it is always freezing.

Every time i phone to see if the middle pool is open I am told it is closed for swimming lessons and private parties. I thought at least over the summer with no school swimming lessons it would be open a bit more but no the only time it is open is in the evenings from 6.30 which is too late.

I just think this age group is missing out!

Am seriously considering contacting the local mla to complain as this is a public pool operated by the council.

Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Am i being unreasonable?

Insomnia11 Thu 07-Jul-11 16:41:46


You would expect it to be available during the week and a few hours at the weekend when there are not lessons or private parties. Being available only after 6.30pm for young children is not on.

Can they not provide you with a timetable?

Our local pool has a timetable as to what pools are open when for public use, lessons and parties are done in blocks. It's available online.

bruffin Thu 07-Jul-11 16:49:47

YANBU - Our pool is now hardly open to the public after school as the time is taken up with swimming lessons. My swimming teacher thinks it is absurd, as she is teaching kids to swim and they have no where to practise!

My DS's school also has a leisure centre built onto their school site (run by the same people as our local leisure centre) The school is 7 miles away, so if they have to go back to school for an event, they have to hang around for a couple of hours. They would love to use the swimming pool, but it is closed because of lessons.
The problem is lessons bring in regular income. The teachers are now annoyed as the lessons are now going through half term.

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