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jo frost - extreme parenting

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hellospoon Thu 07-Jul-11 13:33:45

Aibu to think she should be prime minister? She's fantastic!

Happygomummy Thu 07-Jul-11 13:35:54


i'm a big fan too! she is awesome and would kick the ass of some of the petulant MPs we have.

messymammy Thu 07-Jul-11 13:36:54


she is fantastic with children...but a control freak with adults.

Kveta Thu 07-Jul-11 13:37:02

not sure she should be a ruler, but I caught a wee bit of the programme last night and was almost immediately blubbing away at the wee boy who wanted to wear his superhero costumes all the time. Such a sweet kid.

oohjarWhatsit Thu 07-Jul-11 13:49:18

its not asseptible im afraid

to be honest, she read a book once, thats the sum total of her knowledge smile

hellospoon Thu 07-Jul-11 13:50:23

I think she could really make good progress! Her and hayley from the fairy job mother!! Can you imagine the power between them!!

hellospoon Thu 07-Jul-11 13:50:23

I think she could really make good progress! Her and hayley from the fairy job mother!! Can you imagine the power between them!!

mumeeee Thu 07-Jul-11 14:00:05

YABU. I get really annoyed with her. She's not a parent and does not have any childcare experience so is not an expert and doesn't know whet she's talking about.
On the other hand perhaps YANBU about her being a prime ministersmile

M0naLisa Thu 07-Jul-11 14:06:03

no she might not have kids but she is bloody good at what she does.

How that women didnt loose her paitence enough with her little boy i dont know. My children wouldnt dare headbutt me. After a week he was going to bed and asleep in 10 minutes, compare to the hours he would play up.

pleasekeepcalmandcarryon Thu 07-Jul-11 14:27:07

These programs look like they are really effective because they provide the support that a lot of families lack. I would like to see a 're-visited' series.

I haven't watched this series but when Supernanny was on it seemed like both Mum and Dad got to take a week off work plus I bet they had catering vans/help with housework.

If someone provded me with that I could probably make a lot of headway into sorting out my DC especially my ADHD DS. As it is we just carry on muddling through with not enough hours in the day to deal with everything properly. Sigh!

*quickly speed dials Supernanny for some tough love smile

yoshiLunk Thu 07-Jul-11 14:28:16

mumeee confused

Yep, all those mums she helps are doing such a great job because they have children hmm

grumpypants Thu 07-Jul-11 14:32:02

Always suspicious of this sort of programme - filming doesn't take place for only an hour does it - think of all the stuff on the cutting room floor.

CJMommy Thu 07-Jul-11 14:32:18

I think she's fab....... Her ideas work in this house! grin

biddysmama Thu 07-Jul-11 14:33:04

i cant stand her!

charliejosh Thu 07-Jul-11 14:33:13

I hate the way she shouts speaks

charliejosh Thu 07-Jul-11 14:33:42

whoops, meant to do shouts

LaurieFairyCake Thu 07-Jul-11 14:35:04


Sorry, don't agree with you. I don't have children but am a trained foster carer and counsellor - when I have children come to stay I retrain them in much the same way supernanny does. And it works.

Allinabinbag Thu 07-Jul-11 14:39:15

Sometimes being one step removed from a situation can actually be very effective, especially if boundaries are missing. I don't see how you can object to a 6 year old being given boundaries such as not head-butting his own mother!

notso Thu 07-Jul-11 14:43:08

grin at it's not asseptible oohjar

Didn't she used to be on teletubbies?

psiloveyou Thu 07-Jul-11 14:52:08

Agree with LaurieFairyCake I also foster and use methods similar to those used by Jo Frost to teach boundaries. They work wonders.

ElizabethDarcy Thu 07-Jul-11 14:58:48

Not being a parent does not mean you don't know how to look after and deal with children. VERY short sighted if you think this.

I think Jo is good, she has rules, she has boundaries, she is consistent, she gets results! It's up to the parents to then continue what she's initiated, when she's gone.

I am a (childless!) CM and I'm pretty darn good at my job. Often have parents asking me how to deal with certain behaviours etc. Had a parent on the phone earlier today actually, distraught re the tantrums her little one has with her (and never with me).. and how to deal with the situation. Kids do act up more with their parents as a general rule. I am definitely of the Jo frame of mind.

Being a biological mother does not automatically make you a good parent. As not being a biological parent does not make you a bad carer of children.

allthefires Thu 07-Jul-11 14:58:55

Not watched it yet but am looking for tips as my ds is being a handful at mo

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 07-Jul-11 15:07:38

I think it is such sloppy TV - the shows are so busy trying to up the ante and make it bite size and trying to get the stories all concluded that big issues are being missed.

It is dangerous to take whole things off a hour long TV show - there is a whole thing of appropriateness and execution.

Likeaninjanow Thu 07-Jul-11 15:18:42

I agree that children act up more for their own parents than other individuals in authorative roles. I think that's why she's more successful.

Also, she doesn't have the lack of sleep, an emotional attachment to the child and (if it's a young baby) loads of hormones flying round her body making her question her mentality at times. Disclaminer - the last one may just be me.

So, while I agree she is good at what she does, I by no means think she's amazing. I do think some of the parents involved in the show are desperately in need of her help though.

twinmummy24 Thu 07-Jul-11 15:22:06

i think she is fab and although she doesn't have children of her own yet she has years of child care experience having worked as a nanny in both the UK and USA.
i agree with above posts, to say that her lack of children somehow effects her ability to help these families is incredibly short sighted, i am a childrens nurse and worked for years before having my DD's, was i not as good a nurse before i had children? sad

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