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jury service - advice please

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eveningprimrose Thu 07-Jul-11 10:40:16

Sorry to hijack AIBU - but need quick answers.

Firstly wondered if anyone has asked to be excused from jury service for childcare issues and if so what the response was.
my kids are primary - not that young - BUT i have no support network and I have established that the only temp childcare I could access during the school holidays is likely to cost more than the daily allowance they pay.
Even in term time it would be a problem, though not such an expense to arrange this - though I would worry about what would happen if they were off school for any reason.

Not sure whether to ask to be excused - which means they wouldn't call me again for 12 months - not sure what the attitude to this would be. Alternatively I could ask for the date to be deferred and give only dates in school term time. Howver appaerently you can only defer once - what would happen if you were called a second time and you had a very good reason for not attending on the date given ( I am thinking about my elderly parents - hundreds of miles away and in poor health when I ask this).

Anyway - I would appreciate the comments of anyone who has any first hand experience of this kind of situation or any thoughts.

Squitten Thu 07-Jul-11 10:44:28

I have a pre-schooler and a baby. I'm a SAHM and DH wouldn't have been able to take the time off so I said I was primary carer for children and could not spare the time. They excused me no questions asked.

eveningprimrose Thu 07-Jul-11 10:49:54

Thanks Squitten - I do wonder if they would be quite so sympathetic for older kids though.

ledkr Thu 07-Jul-11 11:01:18

I had 6 yr old but no support network either and certainly didnt want to leave her with cm so soon after me and her fathers break up as was already confused and sad,they excused me no problems.I asked the question on mn and have been here ever since grin so it served a good purpose

ledkr Thu 07-Jul-11 11:03:39

Sorry jsut say no childcare and reluctant to use paid childcare and give reasons-clingy,or whatever,i also mentioned dd's after school activities as well and to get to the court woukd hve needed childcsre really early ie 7.30 and not available ot fair on dd.

eveningprimrose Thu 07-Jul-11 12:07:24

Thanks - ledkr.
Do you recall if you mentioned the age of your child when you filled in the form? Mine is 10 and i am worried they wont be so sympathetic if I mention that he is older. Would seem a bit unfair as he still needs a minder though.

ledkr Thu 07-Jul-11 14:20:08

I think i did put the age yes,i think the point is that you think it would be disruptive for him to suddenly have childcare everyday when he's never been looked after before and is used to you collecting him etc.quote any health probs and after school activities that he does.I thought it would be a problem but it wasnt looking back i think dd may have been even older maybe 7. I also mentioned i didnt live with her father,i am remarried but it kind of hinted at being a single parent.

yellabelly Thu 07-Jul-11 15:43:11

jury service is pretty strictly administered but youcan get excused

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