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To expect "family friendly restaurants" to have baby changing facilities

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Madamolive Wed 06-Jul-11 23:37:11

AIBU in thinking that restaurants which promote themselves as family friendly should provide baby changing facilities?

Out for lunch, specifically looked for non chain family friendly restaurants. Highchairs were visible, presumed changing facility (not asking for much just maybe one of those pull down changing tables). But no, discovered this once i had a leaky poo, everywhere! To top it all off the "toilet" was just that, a toilet in a portaloo sized room.

Will ask before ordering... (grumbles)

fgaaagh Wed 06-Jul-11 23:41:41

Does it market itself as family friendly on its menu, website, advertising? Or does it happen to have high chairs? It's not the same thing.

You're probably NBU, but clarification needed! smile

TBH I would expect any restaurant capable of serving children's meals to have a high chair... but that doesn't mean they actively target the family market. I've been to a few (although I do work in the middle of a LOAD of office blocks - so hardly family market central!).

CocoPopsAddict Wed 06-Jul-11 23:44:26

I think high chairs should equal baby changing facilities. What goes in must come out...

YANBU, especially if they are marketing themselves as 'family-friendly'.

Madamolive Wed 06-Jul-11 23:46:02

They had one of those fold out floor signs advertising childrens food for x amount of money, next to their name was family friendly restaurant!
Just checked the website..."the perfect place for a family meal"

Madamolive Wed 06-Jul-11 23:46:56

:O Im shocked... also this is written..
We welcome families and have baby changing facilities. Our restaurant is buggie accessible.
Childrens portions of our favourite tasty pizza and pasta's are also available.

I wish id seen the website before we went!

IgnoringTheChildren Wed 06-Jul-11 23:58:29

Are you completely sure that they didn't have baby changing facilities? That it wasn't just that the sign had fallen off the door? Maybe the facilities were hidden away somewhere? Or perhaps when they say "... and have baby changing facilities" they mean you can swap your baby for one who doesn't do leaky poos... grin

Madamolive Thu 07-Jul-11 00:01:34

Nope we asked! Leaky poos or not it was my sons first birthday so no swapping smile

IgnoringTheChildren Thu 07-Jul-11 00:16:03

Well in that case YANBU! I would probably complain and leave bad reviews for them. <slightly vindictive but outraged on your behalf>

I've had to do many a complete change of baby clothes due to leaky poos and it's bad enough when you do have a pull down change table, can't imagine managing it when the facilities are a toilet in a cupboard (not without covering myself and everything else in poo anyway)!

LolaRennt Thu 07-Jul-11 02:41:21

Oh yanbu, I hate this. All restraunts should have baby changing facilities. Was at a gov building the other day, loads of children and babies there... NO baby change facilities, or even a counter where I could change dd.

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Thu 07-Jul-11 07:11:26

You need to leave feedback and call back and complain.

Andrewofgg Thu 07-Jul-11 08:04:44

All restaurants should have baby changing facilities.

YABU there. No reason why a restaurant should not aim at the adult market and not have facilities.

Families with older children may prefer a baby-free environment.

NorfolkNChance Thu 07-Jul-11 08:44:27

YANBU one of our local cafes which promotes itself as a breastfeeding friendly place and is used by countless baby groups is the same no changing facilities at all!

AmazingBouncingFerret Thu 07-Jul-11 08:49:01

Ahh just change the nappy on the table... that'll learn em.


controlpantsandgladrags Thu 07-Jul-11 09:53:22

Our 2 local pubs market themselves as family friendly but don't have changing facilities. They have the childrens menu, crayons and high chairs but nowhere to change a blinkin nappy. I usually keep everything crossed that DD doesn't need changing.......I hate having to use the floor in the loos (even with the little changing mat in the change bag!)

fanjobanjowanjo Thu 07-Jul-11 09:59:07

YANBU. I also think that more places should have facilities for breast feeding if you prefer to do so in private

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