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to have written ranty complaint letter to my bank yesterday?

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hoolabombshell Wed 06-Jul-11 17:13:26

I checked my bank account over the weekend to discover that a company I currently have a loan with had taken a payment of £250 out of my account by Direct Debit. I was a bit [shocked] as I had recently cancelled this Direct Debit and agreed to a lower monthly payment with the company (given my current financial circumstances). So after calling them and agreeing the D/D had been taken in error, they advised me to go into my bank and request a Direct Debit "indemnity".

I spoke to an advisor at my branch on Monday who said her "system was currently down" but that she would put the request straight through once the system was fixed. The £250 still wasn't back in my account by next morning so I called customer services who advised me to go back into the branch again. No-one could find any notes on my account to say this indemnity had been requested yesterday, although the woman was apologetic and said she would put it straight through "that day".

I asked her to clarify that the funds would clear today, as I had bills to pay, and she said "no the process takes 2 days". I asked if she would mind giving it some priority - seeing as I did actually request it yesterday - and she said she'd see what she could do, although I was made to feel a bit pushy. And believe me I am never pushy in these situations, it's just I really did have 2 bills pending that the £250 had been set aside for.

I had thought that under the rules of the Direct Debit Scheme a bank must, on request, make an immediate refund to the customer's account. I'm not sure what this "process" is that sees a customer having to wait patiently for at least 2 days to get their own money back? Or feel like they are begging, as I was made to feel yesterday. So I have just checked my account again and the funds still haven't been put back, so it doesn't look like it was given any priority at all. By tomorrow this 'process' will have taken 3 days rather than 2 and I guess I am just supposed to wait.

Was IBU to write a letter of complaint to the bank about this? Feel free to tell me to get a life! grin I just felt a bit disappointed by the whole thing, if the situation were reversed they'd take their money back in a FLASH I bet.

Tee2072 Wed 06-Jul-11 17:17:19

I would definitely write a letter of complaint, addressed to customer service manager (probably find their name on the website) and the bank's president.

People need to complain more. It is your money they are holding on to.

Trygg Wed 06-Jul-11 17:19:50

I wrote a letter of complaint to bastard Halifax, and they wrote me a letter of apology and gave me £25 goodwill (which I didn't ask for). It's only a tiny thing but it makes you feelw ayyy better.

You are definetly NBU

hoolabombshell Wed 06-Jul-11 17:21:57

Absolutely agree Tee2072 - they sent me an acknowledgement email in reply to my complaint, saying it's being looked at, although I don't know what their comeback will be, £25 goodwill would be much appreciated Trygg but I very much doubt it with this lot!

Trygg Wed 06-Jul-11 17:24:17

Admittedly the £25 bounced back into fresh air because the account was closed but meh :D

Whatever you do don't back down smile

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