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AIBU to sit here crying just needing a big drink?

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LauLauLemon Tue 05-Jul-11 23:21:28

Yesterday I had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted. My face hurts and my jaw aches thanks to my butcher of a dentist who broke my tooth and had to gauge out the remaining enamel before really putting her back in to it with the forceps.

Also, I'm going bavk to work and for the past week I've handed out 43 CV's, emailed 31 CV's, called 6 companies, applied to 8 agencies and applied online for 3 jobs. I have an undergraduate degree but I'm not skilled in anything so I'm applying for everything that looks good hours.

I'm scared of leaving 3 year old DD1 in child care, DD2 is only 7 months so I'm scared of leaving her too and I've been working freelance and studying since I was pregnant with DD1.

I just want a big tumbler of bourbon and a good fucking cry.


MassagesDeclinedByNetmums Tue 05-Jul-11 23:23:59

YANBU, I got a letter today informing me that my application for flexible working has been denied. So I'm fucked. I shall join you.

Tchootnika Tue 05-Jul-11 23:24:17

No, you're not, but pleeeeease, give yourself a break, if you can... at least from job apps, for a few days? please ?
brew wine brew
<and a nice cosy sleep emoticon>

cockneydad Tue 05-Jul-11 23:24:40

In a word, no.

MassagesDeclinedByNetmums Tue 05-Jul-11 23:25:19

Have you had a good cry?

buzzsore Tue 05-Jul-11 23:25:53

Aw, no, you're not. Looking for work is a grind and so depressing, but well done on the amount you've done.

Have your cry and have your drink smile.

cockneydad Tue 05-Jul-11 23:26:53

Job hunting is awful, as is post op / dentist pain and the dilemma of balancing child care with work - hang in there, breathe, drink lots of tea, don't beat yourself up.

ChablisLover Tue 05-Jul-11 23:39:21

Nope - not at all.

I would go for a nice bath - take a glass of wine!

I was made redundant in April and it looked hopeless to get pt or reduced hours work until my old boss contacted me offering some temp work. So there is hope.

Kids will settle in childcare - and prob benefit from mixing with other kids. My ds certainly did.

Get a good nights sleep and take a few days off from the hunt and start again next week.

Silver6 Wed 06-Jul-11 00:33:39

YANBU - my wee one will be in nursery when he's 7 months old and I've had ridiculous amounts of hassle trying to arrange my return to work (tho I know I'm lucky to have work to return to BTW). I worry about it all the time - have only ever left him for 3 hours at a time and that's with DH or my mum. Have a drink (and have one for me - I'm still BFing!).

differentnameforthis Wed 06-Jul-11 00:40:57

Please don't drink if you have had an extraction.

I do sympathise. You could try a warm pack on the area on your face, that may help.

royaljelly Wed 06-Jul-11 00:56:40

I made the mistake of telling work I would not be returning after Maternity leave just before the recession. I have always found a job easily enough, ( I have a degree in accounting, 9 GCSEs at A-C level, IT skills and have a financial administration background), I can't find a job for love nor money now and have even started applying for apprenticeships paying £95.00 a week. I think the fact that my qualifications were ages ago go against me and everyone wants an NVQ in .......... now. When I was at college an NVQ was for those people that didn't pass their GCSEs so I dont have any.

Probably controversial but thank god for the benefits system in this country, my savings are gone and I wouldn't be able to pay the rent or feed my children without it.

I also wouldn't have known that apprenticeships are open to anyone up to 60 and that I can go on certain training courses free of charge.

Chin up, It has to get better I did once nearly put on my cv, under previous jobs, professional interviewee!

waitofevidence Wed 06-Jul-11 00:57:19

You are definitely not being unreasonable in the slightest.

You must plan some treats for yourself, even if this means getting someone to take the dc, pretending to go off to a class or something then sneaking back to bed for a wallow and a read of a good book/magazine whilst drinking something lovely through a straw.

echt Wed 06-Jul-11 04:08:16

God, OP, you are so not BU.

Picked up on this thread as I have my head in my hands trying out colour samples for a garden wall. Trying for Moroccan/majorelle blue, since you asked. And now it's raining.

Seriously, though, you have your hands full so go for the immediate right now: the jaw. The un-alchohol advice is about blood flow being increased, I believe. On the other hand, after surgery for cancer in my fizzog, I both cried and drank, and you know what? I felt better.

Al the best.

echt Wed 06-Jul-11 04:09:52

That post was not meant to upstage your angst.

And all, not al the best.

LauLauLemon Wed 06-Jul-11 10:25:53

I didn't drink but only because I had no bourbon and I didn't fancy wine. I did replace the alcohol with four cigarettes blush.

My jaw is still hurting but I'm taking your advice and giving myself a few days off the hunt to see if anyone responds to my plea for employment. Searching for work like I am and getting no response as of yet is disheartening although I know I'm just being impatient and it's the way it is.

Any successful stories of looking for employment and getting it?

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