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to think im not 'hormonal'

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worldgonemad72 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:13:16

i am about 5 weeks pregnant, planned, we are both over the moon.

but today my dh seems out to pick an argument, 1st example, we should of all been going on a day out, i really fancied a day at the beach and i know both my dd and ds would of loved it. My dh on the other hand hates the beach so i did say he could have a day of peace at home if he didn't fancy it, he then said i was obsessed with going the beach and proceeded to sulk, we ended up going a local nature reserve and back home 2 hours later.

rest of the day was okish, a bit quiet on both our parts tbh.

tonight i was saying that i wouldn't be taking the dc to my nans funeral, he turns and says 'well your not taking ds', i said 'ive just said im not taking them' now im being accused of being stroppy, snappy and hormonal.

ffs i wish he would just tell me what he's pissed off about as i haven't got a clue.

would what happened today annoy you or can you see my dh's point of view?

I dont think im hormonal so can take critisism (sp?) if needed smile

bubblesincoffee Sun 03-Jul-11 23:30:55

You haven't done anything wrong. You perhaps need to stop looking at yourself for the problem and go a bit further afield.

How does he feel about the pregnancy? He might be overjoyed about having another baby but also worried about finances, space, any other number of things. How's work for him, is there anything about it that might be playing on his mind? Could it be something to do with the loss of your Nan, or that he is worried about you for some reason?

It could be anything or nothing. Maybe he is a bit hormonal himself! My dh sometimes gets a bit grumpy with me for no apparant reason, then I realise he is just thinking about something that is nothing to do with me and he wants some sympathy or attention but he can't just come out and say it!

Sorry to hear about you Nan.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 03-Jul-11 23:35:37

DH wanted to have a day out with his family and was annoyed that you seemed to deliberately pick an activity you presumably already know that he hates. And suggesting he stayed home could have too easily sounded like 'we don't want you along' The funeral one sounds like he misheard what you said. My bet is that there's something else he's worried/annoyed about that he's not telling you and that's the reason for the short fuse.

worldgonemad72 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:42:56

I know i picked something he wouldn't like, not on purpose but its been so long since we've been and ds (2) has never been, i do kind of get why he was narked about that. Never occured to me that he might of misheard about the funeral. Thanks for the replies, he's gone bed now. will try and talk to him tomorrow, he says he's happy about the new baby on the way but like you said bubblesincoffee he may be worrying about things.
Thanks for the different viiewpoint.

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