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AIBU to want to know (MN clique)

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joric Sun 03-Jul-11 23:03:14

if there is a MN clique? Someone mentioned it on a thread and I'm now wondering if everyone knows each other in person?

GypsyMoth Sun 03-Jul-11 23:04:08

some do yes!

Adagoo Sun 03-Jul-11 23:04:55

Yep. All of us. we're at massive garden parties in the park every thursday afternoon. hmm

StealthPolarBear Sun 03-Jul-11 23:06:10

Well no, we all live in different places grin
Well some of us do - there is a huge amorphous mass in London wink

deemented Sun 03-Jul-11 23:07:29

I've met a couple of MNers in real life, but we're certainly not a clique.

I think perhaps people assume there are cliques on here because there are posters who post a great deal and others less often, and sometimes the lurkers or less known posters can feel left out.

Magna Sun 03-Jul-11 23:08:10

Some do, some don't

<starts singing "some girls need a lot of loving and some girls won't> grin

K999 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:08:11

No. Some posters know each other in RL. Some posters know each other from hanging around the same threads. The "clique" thing in relation to MN is as old as the hills. Some will always say there are cliques. Personally, I have never noticed it.

mauricetinkler Sun 03-Jul-11 23:10:13

There certainly is OP. I firmly believe a few of the clique are part of MNHQ and hover on threads, getting people who stray too far from the MN 'party line' banned from time to time.

BeerTricksPotter Sun 03-Jul-11 23:12:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mauricetinkler Sun 03-Jul-11 23:13:28

great name btp

Magna Sun 03-Jul-11 23:14:08

ooooo 'Party Line' do we get to conga wink

Anniegetyourgun Sun 03-Jul-11 23:14:24

They wouldn't let me join <sulk>

hmc Sun 03-Jul-11 23:14:48

Only in people's imagination. Imo there is no "mumsnet royalty" either, although the term is bandied about

KurriKurri Sun 03-Jul-11 23:15:49

I understood the clique to be a mysterious vapour, which should you be unfortunate enough to breathe it in, will shrink you to the size of a teeny tiny person and you will be in danger from cats...

Oh no, sorry, that's The Incredible Shrinking you were.

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Sun 03-Jul-11 23:16:02

<<waves to K999 >> grin

<facetious emoticon>

BeerTricksPotter Sun 03-Jul-11 23:16:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BimboNo5 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:16:41

Certain people (those who have been around longer, 'respected regular posters' etc) IMO definatley get much different responses to new posters/less popular posters. People will deny it til the cows come home but I guess thats the way it works everywhere.

BeerTricksPotter Sun 03-Jul-11 23:18:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeerTricksPotter Sun 03-Jul-11 23:19:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

K999 Sun 03-Jul-11 23:19:53

Hey RockStock! grin

Still blistering sunshine in your neck of the woods? It's hot here now. I got sunburnt today! blush

No, not cliquey at all......

mauricetinkler Sun 03-Jul-11 23:20:15

There are threads where people are just talking bollocks and it is obviously some in joke. Perhaps this is what OP is referring to?

BeerTricksPotter Sun 03-Jul-11 23:21:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Magna Sun 03-Jul-11 23:23:15

We don't know as the op hasn't come back yet maurice.

Don't you think of the conga when you read party line ?

mauricetinkler Sun 03-Jul-11 23:23:58

Not saying it is. Just saying to OP, yes, there is an MN clique.

HowlingBitch Sun 03-Jul-11 23:24:51

I don't think there are "cliques" as such. I have noticed there are a few people who generate toward each other and have a laugh but what's wrong with that? I find it hard to join in with them because they are so witty but they do make me laugh after a hard day smile.

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