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To be annoyed? WWYD?

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MissMap Sun 03-Jul-11 18:02:05

I live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty regularly we get people who park their cars and leave them for the day with the alarm blaaring. WWYD?

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sun 03-Jul-11 18:03:18

Why would they leave them with the alarm going off?

TidyDancer Sun 03-Jul-11 18:12:36

I really don't understand this. More info needed please.

AgentZigzag Sun 03-Jul-11 18:20:42

Car alarms just going off on their own I think the OP means.

I would say call environmental health or whatever is the equivalent these days, but I reckon they'd be worse than useless because the drivers would be back by the time they pulled their finger out.

I don't think the police can do anything either.

Who runs the site? Could you talk to them?

Parietal Sun 03-Jul-11 18:23:34

I think the council should have a noise abatement officer whose job it is to come & deal with nuisance noise quickly. You could look on your council website?

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