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Eric pickles MP led the news this morning. 20,000 homeless story

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GabbyLoggon Sun 03-Jul-11 10:04:04

Why do the daft twats in the tory govt put things in writing which crucifies them?

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 03-Jul-11 10:04:43

Gabby, you do seem to have a bit of an Eric obsession.

GabbyLoggon Sun 03-Jul-11 10:17:58

Well a govt who make 20 people homeless can only be trusted by the geeks whovoted for them

GabbyLoggon Sun 03-Jul-11 10:21:16

I mean being tory is is one thing. Being callous is a typical tory trair. Being 28 stone is not.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 03-Jul-11 11:06:26

Criticising someone for being callous is the pot calling the kettle black in your case Grubbymoron. It's not that long since you were taking the piss out of someone for being anorexic. Take the plank out of your own eye before commenting on the splinter in someone else's.

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