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In not being able to throw old clothes away

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MrsKravitz Sat 02-Jul-11 10:57:26

I have so many lovely lovely things that are just too small for me now. I havent worn then in years but every time I get the courage to throw things away, I cant bring myself to. Its either Ive loved the item so much, or usually that I have this ridiculous idea that i will fit into them again one day.
Anyone else do this?Its so hard to break this.

Salmotrutta Sat 02-Jul-11 11:27:29

You're me aren't you??
Go on......... admit it!!

I'm hopeless about this - I have a wardrobe full of stuff I'm unlikely ever to wear again but "You never know, I might just need it one day" hmm

happymole Sat 02-Jul-11 11:32:19

Ohh me me! I do this and with shoes as well.

They all have memories attached. Plus I could get fit a very prolonged case of D & V and magically fit into them again.


Scholes34 Sat 02-Jul-11 11:35:41

My 14 year old DD is the envy of her friends because of all my 80s clothes she's now able to wear! DH is now pleased that the transfer of clothes to her wardrobe is freeing up some space for him (at last).

MrsKravitz Sat 02-Jul-11 11:36:34

<stroked pretty size 8 clothes>

JsOtherHalf Sat 02-Jul-11 11:49:44

I am a horder, I still have clothes in my wardrobe from 20 years ago - why I do this is anyone's guess, they are at least(!) 2 sizes too small now.

Salmotrutta Sat 02-Jul-11 11:56:48

I draw the line at still having 80s clothes though!! grin

happymole Sat 02-Jul-11 11:59:54

<Strokes painfully evil but beautiful shoes>

<Misses the old days>

borderslass Sat 02-Jul-11 12:01:07

DD1 pinched the dress DH bought me when we first got together its like a short ballgown I loved it, she was gutted when she looked through old photos and asked where all my clothes where at the time i'd just had a clear out and put given them all to charity shops.

shakey1500 Sat 02-Jul-11 12:05:09

I was pondering this this very morning! Pre ds, dh and I used to go on holiday at the drop of a hat so I had a "holiday suitcase" pre packed in a bedroom.

It's only now, as I'm ironing stuff for this years holiday that I realise I've been wearing the exact same combination of clothes on holiday for the past 11 years.

Salmotrutta Sat 02-Jul-11 12:07:01

envy at pre-packed holiday suitcase ......... I want one! <stamps foot>

LordOfTheFlies Sat 02-Jul-11 13:49:18

Aaaargh this sounds soooo much like my mother.
Back in the days before the charity bags used to drop through your door then get collected, I used to try and throw old clothes out.
"Oh no no, someone at the Church will use these"
So she put them in the corner in my room where they sat . For weeks. I wasn't allowed to get rid of them.
So when I had old clothes I used to say "Oh shall I just throw these in the corner, that's where they'll end up!"
Bolshy teenager emoticon

ragged Sat 02-Jul-11 13:52:13

If they are that lovely it would be generous of you to give them to a charity shop. Think of it as challenging yourself to do something altruistic, good for the society around you & good for your personal Karma, not as a personal loss to you.

DollyTwat Sat 02-Jul-11 13:54:21

I spent all yesterday sorting out my clothes. I have 3 bun liners ready for cash4clothes to collect. You could always sell them on eBay then buy clothes that fit you
I've saved a few things to make soft toys out of too!

ninedragons Sat 02-Jul-11 13:59:49

Yeah, but if you do ever get back to your previous slinky size, wouldn't you want to rush out and celebrate by buying yourself gorgeous new clothes?

I am a charity shop fan and like to think of someone else doing the little happy dance when they find the stuff I've donated, just as I do it when I find something great (eg brand new Christian Lacroix tie for DH for $5 last week grin)

blueshoes Sat 02-Jul-11 14:03:54

I have given on my pre-preg clothes, either too small, too sexy, exposes bits now best kept under wraps. I have packed the tiniest and most gorgeous ones into storage for my dd, who looks like she will have my same figure.

ragged Sat 02-Jul-11 14:26:05

And if you do get down to a smaller size the odds are that styles will have changed a lot, too.

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