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to think that having a sports evening for a primary/junior school is just daft

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Choufleur Fri 01-Jul-11 16:24:00

DS's school is having a sports evening (instead of day i guess). It starts at 6pm. Children run in groups of 6 (one type of race per school year) with semi finals and final for each year. It's gonna take ages. there are two classes in each year so 55-60 kids.

worraliberty Fri 01-Jul-11 16:25:30

Good idea for working parents though

Choufleur Fri 01-Jul-11 16:28:45

Depends what they work though. DH works shifts so can go that evening (although that's not really a huge issue).

Hulababy Fri 01-Jul-11 16:31:51

There's 90 children in DD's school and the whole event - each child did 2 or 3 events, plus relays, etc. with each class split into heats - and it took about 1hr15m.

bubblesincoffee Fri 01-Jul-11 16:42:51

They have probably done it as a way of getting more parents involved if they have had lots of dissapointed children in the past whose parents were at work.

roadkillbunny Fri 01-Jul-11 16:42:59

Ours has had sport eve for years and years, works really well. We are a small village school with 20 in a year group but reception run two races, KS1 run 3 and KS2 4, no finals etc just four colour teams, no one is too hung up about what team wins and there is a BBQ after, fab. Can't see the issue to be honest so YABU

GabbyLoggon Fri 01-Jul-11 16:47:55

Is it compulsory? or just about the olympics really?

GabbyLoggon Fri 01-Jul-11 16:49:28

we are going to get somwe sport madness. The bankers have a scheme and the minister came to Lincolnshire. Exercise mad. What about eric Pickles?

5Foot5 Fri 01-Jul-11 16:53:53

YABU. I think it shows they are thinking about working parents too. When DD was at primary I used to try and get the afternoon off because I knew she would be disappointed if I wasn't there. But I know not everyone can manage this and it wasn't always easy.

Maybe not all parents can manage 6pm either but at least it shows the school are trying.

SloganLogan Fri 01-Jul-11 17:03:40

Sports day is much better. Children will be tired by the end of the day, the staff will be wanting to go home rather than do an extra-curricular activity, and it's dinnertime.

Choufleur Fri 01-Jul-11 17:19:15

Think it's silly as there are 55-60 dcs in each year and 7 year groups. It's not compulsory but we are encouraged to bring the dcs back. They will be tired and it will be late when it finishes. The dcs in older years race last but it will be to an dwindling audience.

GrimmaTheNome Fri 01-Jul-11 17:22:52

It would be too late for infants but fine for juniors. Actually, thinking about the sports days at DDs school, everyone boiling in full sun, the cool of early evening sounds like a good idea.

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