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To be scared of going downstairs after dark

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yearningforthesun Thu 30-Jun-11 22:51:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

A1980 Thu 30-Jun-11 22:53:00

YANBU at all.

I'm terrified to go down into the hallway after dark.

GypsyMoth Thu 30-Jun-11 22:58:35

just go and do out for hands grabbing you from under the bed on the way back tho grin

yearningforthesun Thu 30-Jun-11 23:02:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

greenbananas Thu 30-Jun-11 23:11:32

Unless you can actually hear somebody downstairs, you are safe to go down and bolt the door.

The 'paranormal' can't hurt you. Burglars can. Not that either scenario is likely. Take a deep breath, switch all the lights on, leg it downstairs, do the bolts and that congratulate yourself for having conquered an irrational fear.

spiderslegs Thu 30-Jun-11 23:12:27

Noo - I can see the wraiths that lurk in the cellar & attic peering at me....

GwendolineMaryLacey Thu 30-Jun-11 23:14:10

Me too. I have to bring two drinks up in case I run out and don't dare go downstairs again!

greenbananas Thu 30-Jun-11 23:14:27

Sorry, just read your OP properly. I take your point. Have you got a torch?

Even if you haven't, your intuition is telling you that you need to lock the door. Go and do it - or you will not get a good night's sleep.

Jaspants Thu 30-Jun-11 23:19:06

I'm a wuss too, but you know you ahve to and the longer you leave it the worse it will be.

Quick go now and report back in a minute

greenbananas Thu 30-Jun-11 23:25:27

Come, on, report back - I want to go to bed but need to know you're okay now... the paranormal cannot hurt you, that's only in films!!!

Blurry29 Thu 30-Jun-11 23:29:51

thats nothing...... seriously..............


Wait up if DH is on lates/Nights until he is home (even if i am shattered)
Have all lights on when alone
Have a secret hiding place sorted in my house, DH knows so if anyone breaks in he know where to hide me ad DS etc
will ONLY have a shower curtain that is clear so no one can hide behind it
I (used) to walk home from work and count up how long someone would have to break in and hide in my house

Yes I know I am a WUSS smile smile

yearningforthesun Thu 30-Jun-11 23:32:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

giyadas Thu 30-Jun-11 23:38:52

Just don't look behind you when you come back up the stairs, else the devil will catch you.

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 30-Jun-11 23:38:56

Keep telling yourself you're being a big wuss, and how you are going to be an even bigger wuss if you spend the night quivering in your bedroom with chair under doorknob all because you couldn't bring yourself to do a mad dash up and down 10? 12? stairs to shoot a couple of bolts.

Is there any residual light from the upper hallway that can turn pitch black into gloom? If not, and you haven't got a torch, light a candle, or plug a lamp into an exension lead to shed some light on the darkness.

Failing which, run march down the stairs cross in hand (couple of stick/straws tied together will do) saying the 'Our Father' or sing Onward Christian Soldiers at the top of your voice, or hold a loud conversation with the imaginary friends you've left in the living room ('shan't be a minute, just going to bolt up, poor yourselves another drink and one for me etc).

C'mon, it'll take you, what, 2 minutes tops? And you know that human intruders can wreak far more harm and damage than phantom ones.

Sleep tight!

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 30-Jun-11 23:42:04

8 minutes and counting.... how long does it take to raise a drawbridge or shoot a couple of bolts? I reckon you've stopped off for a snifter!

umopapIsdn Thu 30-Jun-11 23:44:28

Rest assured that you are at least safe from Pennywise (the clown from IT) and Chucky as they are busy just now lurking around the corner of my stairs.


yearningforthesun Thu 30-Jun-11 23:44:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vintageteacups Thu 30-Jun-11 23:47:26

I keep a really heavy magnalight torch next to my bed in case of night time ghosties emergencies!!!

yearningforthesun Thu 30-Jun-11 23:48:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 30-Jun-11 23:51:38

Pat yourself on the back - you are one brave m/netter!!!

Luckily nothing was watiing for you- or maybe they're waiting till next time? grin

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Thu 30-Jun-11 23:52:39

You did check the cloakroom type room, didn't you? hmm

HelloKlitty Thu 30-Jun-11 23:55:40

It's not the dead you should be afraid of...but the living.

smartyparts Thu 30-Jun-11 23:57:33

Quick! Bolt the door. BOLT THE DOOR!!

begonyabampot Thu 30-Jun-11 23:57:46

I love the dark and feel safe in it - as long as they can't see you!

yearningforthesun Thu 30-Jun-11 23:58:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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