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to expect my daughter to keep her room tidy

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purplekersleaf Thu 30-Jun-11 19:20:15

she has a room full of brand new furniture and clothes galore while I go without. Is it too much to ask that she keeps it tidy?

valiumredhead Thu 30-Jun-11 19:21:00

How old is she?

purplekersleaf Thu 30-Jun-11 19:21:55

soon to be 13

FriskyMare Thu 30-Jun-11 19:23:11

Stop buying her clothes then if she can't look after the ones shes gotbiscuit

BitOfFun Thu 30-Jun-11 19:23:59

YABU to expect it. They are mostly filthy pigs at that age. But you can keep reminding her that that is what you would like.

purplekersleaf Thu 30-Jun-11 19:25:17

thanks for that - I will do bot - keep on at her about it and buy clothes for myself instead - my first posting and I lve you all already!!

WriterofDreams Thu 30-Jun-11 19:25:18

Yes it is too much to ask. It is so mean to buy stuff for someone then whinge and get a martyr complex about it. You bought the stuff for her, it's her furniture and her clothes. It's also her room. It would be wise to instill in her some pride for her things but buying her stuff and then holding it over her head is horrible.

valiumredhead Thu 30-Jun-11 19:26:24

Why are you going without and she's got loads btw?

If it's important to you make her clean her room but most teens live in pig styes grin

purplekersleaf Thu 30-Jun-11 19:26:45

point taken writerofdreams but it is still really annoying.

seeker Thu 30-Jun-11 19:27:29

It's her room.

You have a right to expect her to keep the rest of the house the way you like it. But her room is her room. Shut to door if you don't like looking at it.

Tchootnika Thu 30-Jun-11 19:29:06

Would she condescend to employ you as a cleaner?
Or lend you some of her nice clothes, maybe?

purplekersleaf Thu 30-Jun-11 19:35:43

I think I would be too good at the cleaning and being on the large side I don't fit in her clothes - maybe that is the answer thogh - lose weight and share clothes I could keep them in my wardrobe and she would have less to discard all over the floor - possibly a way forward.

Tchootnika Thu 30-Jun-11 19:37:45

HOw about threatening to borrow her clothes of she doesn't keep them safely hidden away, then? wink

lovemyskinnyjeans Thu 30-Jun-11 19:45:25

Or suggesting you might collect her from school wearing anything left discarded on the floor/rolled up and stuffed under bed...?

cricketballs Thu 30-Jun-11 19:53:15

I can't remember the last time I noticed carpet in my 16 year old's room! in fact, it is that bad (even after he has cleaned it) that I rarely venture over the door; if he wants to live in a pigsty then so be it....

lovemyskinnyjeans Thu 30-Jun-11 19:59:31

My sister comes to stay with us with the tiniest of tardis bags, which then explodes crap all over the house...

She's nearly 30!

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