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HELP Dost anyone know a postal address for CHANNEL 5 TV?

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GabbyLoggon Thu 30-Jun-11 09:30:17

they dont seem to appear in the reference books with a postal address. Which is very odd

MyCatHasStaff Thu 30-Jun-11 09:34:06

Just got this off their website:

Company name: Channel 5 Broadcasting Limited
Registered office: 22 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9LY
Registration number: 3147640
Registered in: England and Wales


MyCatHasStaff Thu 30-Jun-11 09:35:02

website here

FruStefanLindman Thu 30-Jun-11 09:37:25

A registered office isn't necessarily the 'operating' office - it could be their accountants or solicitor.

I know Ch5 is owned by Northern & Shell and found this address ('scuse caps, I copied & pasted)


GabbyLoggon Thu 30-Jun-11 09:38:54

thanks but is the station working from 22 Long acre Or is that just a legal reg address?

MyCatHasStaff Thu 30-Jun-11 09:44:06

The phone number on the website is: (020) 8612 7700 or 08457 05 05 05
they should be able to tell you.

GabbyLoggon Thu 30-Jun-11 09:44:53

I think Mr Desmonde of the Daily Express has bought channel 5 TV....because there was all that talk about him reviving BIG BROTHER

FruStefanLindman Thu 30-Jun-11 09:45:54

I got these two phone numbers, try phoning the first one to find out where the station is actually working from. They obviously have two addresses, it depends who/what department you need.

Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd
Tel: (020) 8612 7000
The Northern And Shell Building 10 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6AD

Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd
Viewers Comments & Enquiries
Tel: 0845 705 0505

FruStefanLindman Thu 30-Jun-11 09:48:27


Although it looks as though the phone number from their website and the one from BT are slightly different? I'm sure either one will get you through to someone who can tell you which address you need.

GabbyLoggon Thu 30-Jun-11 09:50:11

yes, of course 10 Lower Thames street is the Daily Express building.

every other tv station has an address from which they work A big building

FruStefanLindman Thu 30-Jun-11 10:02:26

Gabby, it could well be that Sales & Marketing are in one building and actual operations/production and top management are in the other building. It just depends which department/who you need.

tallulahxhunny Thu 30-Jun-11 10:03:46

im a nosy bitch, what do you want the address for? grin

GabbyLoggon Thu 30-Jun-11 10:06:00

to write to would be an obvious answer Tallulah

All other tv stations are in the relevant ref books. Channel 5 TV is NOT

Even Tom Jones would say that was UNUSUAL

GabbyLoggon Thu 30-Jun-11 10:11:00

I have reached a conclusion. Channel 5 TV is not keen for the public top know where they work from

BBC and ITV have no such shyness. COME ON CHANNEL 5 solve the mystery for us

purpleplump Thu 30-Jun-11 10:34:34

Not to ruin the mood, but what is this doing in AIBU? Not like its on the shortcuts bar anymore, so you have specifically gone for this thread, even though technically its not an aibu,just sayin.

channel 5 is s**t anyways lol!

JanMorrow Thu 30-Jun-11 11:12:09

Channel 5 ARE based at 22 Long Acre (I've been there). Make sure you address it to the correct department though.

tallulahxhunny Thu 30-Jun-11 13:27:57

alright smartarse why do you want to write to them

GabbyLoggon Thu 30-Jun-11 14:10:20

I have been told that channel 5 TV dont make any of their own programmes. They farm it out to production companies. So this makes them rather different. to other companies who have one major prod point.

The 10 Lower thames street, (daily express) is one address and the long acre one the other. Its a bit unusual . thanks for all the help. Many organisations are tending to push people to email. The bbc do. They do it because it suits THEM

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