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brickingit Tue 28-Jun-11 19:31:10

Not an AIBU thing really, but transferring this thread from "Pregnancy" because not getting any response.

Sister is 3 1/2 months pg. In the park on Saturday, she got hit really hard in the lower back by a football which knocked her right over.

Took her straight to A&E, where they were really good, checked, scanned etc: everything seems OK. Consultant said that at this stage, baby is very well protected against injury from back: "You'll be in a wheelchair before you hurt the babe!" were her actual words.

Sister reassured but v nervous: anyone with any experience out there?

stuffthenonsense Tue 28-Jun-11 20:57:11

its not quite the same, but i have had a snooker ball hit my heavily pregnant belly, and fallen a couple of times both early and late in previous pregnancies......yes, it was worrying, and there is a definate sense of panic, but in my case, babies were fine

sprinkles77 Tue 28-Jun-11 21:18:33

I fell off a horse going fairly fast at 14 weeks (same sort of time as your sis), and landed hard on my lower back/ bum. I then had to walk a mile home through heavy mud cos the bloody horse ran off. I was very naughty as I did not go to hospital: I had no cramps or bleeding so assumed all was OK. Pregnancy was all fine, except that at about 32 weeks my baby was identified as being too small. he was eventually induced at 38 weeks as he had stopped moving. I also had reduced fluid levels. He was 5lb11oz. The cause of his poor growth was never really identified as he was just above the weight threshold below which the placenta would have been sent for pathology. I suspect however that that fall might have been the cause, i.e. made the placenta less able to support a growing baby. My son, apart from being a bit small, was perfect in every way and is still totally normal and average size. He took about 3 months to reach 50th percentile (bottle fed). I would say that your sis did the right thing, and should go straight back if she is concerned in anyway, and def mention it to MW at next antenatal appointment. Also, once she starts to feel the baby move it is useful to make herself familiar with its patterns of movement so she can detect a change (I noticed a loss of movement over about a 2 hour period, yes, that quick). If she ever notices a change she should never wait but get it checked out.

xstitch Tue 28-Jun-11 21:27:07

I was in an RTA at 11 weeks. The guy who hit me was speeding.

I am 16+4 now and although my back hurts my bump does seem to be growing.

Just keep an eye on how she feels and call the MW if she ever needs to.

MsTeak Tue 28-Jun-11 22:45:36

Why would you listen to internet randoms and not an actual trained doctor in a hospital?


jugglingmug Tue 28-Jun-11 22:53:50

I was punched in the stomach when 19 weeks pregnant with DS sad. He was fine, I just had to have anti-D injection (does your DSis know her blood group, new rules are anti-D if any chance of rupture if negative blood group).

DS was born at 41 weeks, 7lb 8oz and perfect in every way (still is pretty perfect at 5 [pfb taken too far emoticon].

CBear6 Tue 28-Jun-11 23:05:59

You have a couple of responses on the thread on the pregnancy forum too

LordOfTheFlies Tue 28-Jun-11 23:51:51

When I was pg with DD (my DC 2) I was involved in an RTA -car hit mine side on. This was end Jan 2002 and she was born end June 2002 so I was about 16+ weeks.
Went to GP and MW next day,everything fine. Had 20 wk scan,allOK

Main problem though was the backache from about 24 wk. It was relentless,night and day.Couldn't have any painkillers except paracetamol and they upset my stomach so I didn't.
Got to the stage I dreaded going up the stairs everything was a painful,massive effort.
After all that madam was born -induced,prolonged but absoloutly pain free labour. I didn't have epidural with DS and I knew they wouldn't want to do one with DD ( also very low blood pressure) but no problem.Except she was 40+4 so made me wait! grin

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