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to ask someone to tell me how to do the teddy emoticon.

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CareyHunt Tue 28-Jun-11 14:57:38

I am quite new, but I have NEVER used the word 'hun' or 'LOL', or spelt with, 'wiv'. I can punctuate and spell, and I use paragraphs.

I have never taken any of my children out with chicken-pox but I may have unknowingly passed on a few head-lice , and I don't let them hit other people's children at soft-play because I hate soft-play and refuse to take them.

None of my children are called Tarquin, and I do not speak loudly to them in supermarkets about boycotting Nescafe (although I DO boycott Nescafe.)

I do not own a pair of crocs, or any Per Una clothing.

Do I pass? Am I allowed to know? grin

LindyHemming Tue 28-Jun-11 15:00:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CareyHunt Tue 28-Jun-11 15:04:01

Bloody hell, I thought it was going to be harder than that.

Thanks. I was going to add that I wear Birkenstocks, but I thought it might go against me.


HopeEternal Tue 28-Jun-11 15:04:15


Ah, so it is...

MarisCrane Tue 28-Jun-11 15:06:16

But it's not a teddy - it's a very specific kind of bear

TrilllianAstra Tue 28-Jun-11 15:06:52

Damn, should have made her guess what kind of bear it was!

MarisCrane Tue 28-Jun-11 15:08:56

She still can!

TrilllianAstra Tue 28-Jun-11 15:11:07

bear anyone/

Tinkerisdead Tue 28-Jun-11 15:14:59

That thread makes me cry with laughter everytime when the dh comes out with the bear

nickelbabe Tue 28-Jun-11 15:16:01

i can't believe you told her so quickly!

CareyHunt Tue 28-Jun-11 15:21:31

So, I've done some 'research' (Googled it).

I'm not really any the wiser...I can see now that it is clearly a Pom Bear, but I am entirely unsure about what its use signifies.

If, for example, I posted something about being irate that the nanny had shrunk Hugo's Boden lamby fleece in the tumble drier and now he would get dreadfully chilly when we were sailing in Cowes, would I be rewarded with a bear?

Or, would I receive a bear for posting that I was pissed off that Jayden's shell-suit had caught on his baby sister's earring, and now he would get effing freezing in the beer garden?

It's a fucking mine-field. I thought it was just a bear. grin

GruffaloReader Tue 28-Jun-11 15:24:03

I have nothing to add, other that I'm going on a bear hunt

GruffaloReader Tue 28-Jun-11 15:24:20

other than

eurycantha Tue 28-Jun-11 15:26:09


eurycantha Tue 28-Jun-11 15:26:47

Thanks Id wanted to know as well.

CareyHunt Tue 28-Jun-11 15:48:20

X-post with Trillian.

Have now read the link.

I am still recovering. I am awe struck by the genius of the thread. I will NEVER feel worthy of using the bear.

As you were...I've got some lurking to get back to.

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