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To be looking for another job already?

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charliejosh Tue 28-Jun-11 12:51:55

I have recently (2 months ago) started a new Job.

I moved to this job under the impression that my OTE would be excellent and I would be in an exciting sales role.

Thsi is NOT the case and I am BORED and definitely not challenged enough.

AIBU to be searching for a more challenging role with more OTE potential?

Purplegirlie Tue 28-Jun-11 13:12:36

YANBU, I would be fed up too. Have you spoken to your boss about how disappointed you are in the role? Is it the kind of job where you have to initially put the groundwork in but then you will be rewarded financially in a few months' time?

charliejosh Tue 28-Jun-11 13:23:10

I have got a 1-1 review coming up and I intend to bring the subject up then

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