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Is it me or am I right to think this is unreasonable

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Rockerchic Mon 27-Jun-11 18:53:03

Was just on Facebook wishing a friend Happy birthday when I went into status updates and saw a few friends who had created Facebook pages for their children, they are all under 13 and proceeded to add me as a friend.
Is this asking for trouble or am I being way to sensitive as no way would I allow my young daughter to go on facebook.

worraliberty Mon 27-Jun-11 18:55:27

As usual it depends on...

The child
Their age
Whether the parent keeps a proper eye on them
Whether the parent understands the security settings and locks them down
Whether the child is allowed to accept friend requests without checking with parents.

Blah blah etc etc.....

Lorenz Mon 27-Jun-11 18:57:12

One of my friends has created a facebook page for her 18 month old DD. Madness.

AuntiePickleBottom Mon 27-Jun-11 19:11:27

my neice and nephew 10 and 11 are on facebook, there mum controls there facebook...they don't even know there own passwords. She does all the friend request, the computer is in the family room so my sister can monitor it very well.

Flisspaps Mon 27-Jun-11 19:12:50

Refuse the friend request and tell them why you are doing so. I don't think it's necessary for children to be on Facebook.

CrapBag Mon 27-Jun-11 19:13:01

YANBU, decline the friends request. Why would you be friends on their with your friends children anyway? Odd that they are requesting you. YOu can just say you don't have children as friends as you want to be able to put whatever you want on your wall.

DeWe Mon 27-Jun-11 19:47:49

I have a personal rule that I don't accept friend requests from children. I made an exception for the child of a friend who has lots of health issues and often ends up in hospital. If I can post on her wall or send a nice message to her status and cheer her up that way, it is a reasonable exception to my rule.

golemmings Mon 27-Jun-11 20:58:26

My daughter has a fb page. She's not yet 2. Its a way that we can update far flung friends on what she's doing without alienating the friends of ours who are totally disinterested in the antics of our daughter.

When she can read and write we'll use it with her and I'm assuming that when she's 13 fb will no longer exist and will have been superseded by something .

strandedbear Mon 27-Jun-11 21:02:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bubblecoral Mon 27-Jun-11 21:06:42

I wouldn't let my dc do it, and I don't really understand why anyone would, but each to their own.

zelda1982 Mon 27-Jun-11 21:11:51

I made one for my dd1 (then 6) so she could play petville as she kept going on mine and changing things about lol. Its totally private so even her friends from school cannot search for her. TBH the novelty soon wore off and she's hardly on it now.

Rockerchic Mon 27-Jun-11 23:06:49

I agree bubble each to their own I need to stop wearing my judgey pants

Awomancalledhorse Tue 28-Jun-11 01:04:16

I'd accept and them start making big, sweary, rude updates.
Just to see if the parents were keeping tabs on them/they told their parents if they saw anything rude.

TheFrogs Tue 28-Jun-11 01:21:47

you can make "lists" if you want an easy way out. You can have different security settings for each list. My friend's dd put in a friend request so I put her on the list where she cant see my wall or anything I write (not that I write much anyway but still).

madhattershouse Tue 28-Jun-11 01:25:48

Judgy pants are just too hot for this weather grin. I did make up a facebook page for my son (11) but he has dysgraphia and his SENCO suggested that it would be a good way to learn keyboard skills, which he needs as even he can't read his writing!!

Rockerchic Tue 28-Jun-11 15:54:46

Way too hot for judgey pants I hate the heat sad

charliejosh Tue 28-Jun-11 15:56:43

YANBU - children should no be allowed on facebook and I never accept requests from the children of friends. Even my 13y/o dsd is not allowed on facebook

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