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to think DH is so stupid

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whatajoker Mon 27-Jun-11 18:51:39

he spends hardly any time with the dc -he says 'theyre babies' - like thats a good reason to get away with it

Lorenz Mon 27-Jun-11 18:52:28

Are they babies? how old are they?

StealthPolarBear Mon 27-Jun-11 18:55:26

I don't understand
Do you think he should spend more time with them? If he is spending as little time as he can with them and you think he's stupid because of that then I agree

whatajoker Mon 27-Jun-11 18:56:36

yeah as little as possible, two under two! hes an absolute dickhead

kaid100 Mon 27-Jun-11 19:08:14

Well, my two girls are babies and I spend loads of time with them for that reason... they won't be babies forever so why miss out?

fedupofnamechanging Mon 27-Jun-11 19:14:40

This does beg the question of why you had a second baby with someone who spent little time with the first?

kaid100 Mon 27-Jun-11 19:17:04

karmabeliever... she never specified that they were from different pregnancies.

fedupofnamechanging Mon 27-Jun-11 19:22:40

Sorry, didn't think they might be twins blush

whackamole Mon 27-Jun-11 19:56:38

I think he will regret it later on. But, some people just aren't 'baby' people and prefer older children they can actually play with.

Although you sound really angry about it, is this the only thing that is bothering you about him?

meltedchocolate Mon 27-Jun-11 20:03:22

YUBU if he just doesn't know what to do with a baby aside from the nappy changing/ bottle feeding (if you bottle feed). Some people seriously don't know what to do with them except watch them lie there.

If he is just not interested then YANBU

EricNorthmansMistress Mon 27-Jun-11 20:41:27

Yep, he sounds like a dickhead. Who actively avoids spending time with their children - whatever age they are? OP do you want to talk?

fuzzpig Mon 27-Jun-11 20:43:49

That's really sad sad sounds like there's more to it...

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