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not to want to lend my mum my iron?

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portaloo Mon 27-Jun-11 12:39:54

I have a steam generator monster of an iron. Now, I am not a huge fan of ironing, mainly because I don't seem to get the opportunity to do much ironing, but I do like my clothes ironed.
I iron my stuff when I can, which tbh isn't often, so it tends to end up on a never ending ironing pile.
Mum comes to my house and insists on taking it with her, and ironing it at her house. I always tell her not to worry, that I'll manage it myself, but she goes on and on about it, until I give in and let her take it, and to be fair, I appreciate it and I tell her so.

Now, my mum tells me that her iron has given up working. sad She has said she'll have to take my iron until she can get herself another one.
My mum irons constantly, and I mean constantly, hours and hours every week.

Now, I always use deionised water in my monster of an iron and mine has lasted me ages. My mum thinks this is totally unnecessary and uses tap water, never descales, and her iron (which was also a steam generator) has lasted her just over a year.

I do like my iron, and I can't afford another one if my mum clogs it up with limescale or it breaks. OTOH, my mum can afford another iron if she wants one.
I have told her she can iron her stuff at my house until she gets another one, but she's insisting on taking it with her to her house. sad

I think I have a little basic iron in the cupboard. AIBU to let her borrow this one, since I don't care if it never comes back? Or should I lend her my prized iron because she has helped me out by doing my ironing for me on a regular basis over the last year or so?
PS: I am quite happy to do my own btw.

worraliberty Mon 27-Jun-11 12:42:33

No, give her the basic one.

By the way, were you going for the world record in mentioning the word 'iron' in an opening post? grin

I hate that bloody word...this thread will haunt me forever (along with the untrimmed fanjo thread) sad

throckenholt Mon 27-Jun-11 12:42:47

buy your mum a new one as a present (delivered direct from amazon maybe ?). That can be a thankyou from you for doing your ironing and you don't have to give her your iron.

LindyHemming Mon 27-Jun-11 12:42:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

portaloo Mon 27-Jun-11 12:43:54

worra grin I am snorting with laughter at your post. Sorry blush

Hope I have broken the mn record at least...makes me feel proud in a strange sort of way. grin

worraliberty Mon 27-Jun-11 12:45:05

More enjoyable than ir*ning....but then so is gouging one's eyes out with crab claws to be fair grin

WhoAteMySnickers Mon 27-Jun-11 13:01:56

YABU. Either give your mum your iron or buy her an all singing all dancing new iron as a thank you for doing all of your ironing for you.

cornflakegirl Mon 27-Jun-11 13:37:11

YABabitU. I know it's not your fault that her iron has broken, but the ironing that she has done for you has probably contributed to its demise. And if she's ironing for many hours each week, and you don't iron much at all, it's not a surprise that your iron has lasted much longer, limescale or no. I'd probably lend her my good iron for a couple of weeks (but make it clear that it is just a lend) and maybe make a small contribution towards the new iron.

Playdohinthewashingmachine Mon 27-Jun-11 13:48:25

OK. So she hassles you until you let her do your ironing. It is nice to get your ironing done, but you didn't ask her to do it. In fact you asked her not to do it, and she nagged you till you gave in. I don't think you have anything major to be grateful for there. I hate it when people insist on doing me "favours" I didn't ask for and then expect my gratitude for it! I'd be much more grateful if they let me be ...

You've said neither of you can afford to buy a new singing-dancing iron, so that plan won't work.

Tell her she can use your iron at your house. And tell her she cannot "insist" on taking someone else's property away. Request, yes. Insist, no.

Although obviously this plan may mean she spends hours and hours at your house, ironing. Might be better to give her your iron, and let her carry on doing all your ironing at her house ...

Ealingkate Mon 27-Jun-11 13:51:38

Seriously, how long does it take to get a new iron?? The shops are open every day.

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 27-Jun-11 15:04:30

I have told her she can iron her stuff at my house until she gets another one, but she's insisting on taking it with her to her house.
It's yours. She can't insist anything. Tell her "No".

She has said she'll have to take my iron until she can get herself another one.
Again, the answer is "No". She doesn't have to take your iron.

OTOH, my mum can afford another iron if she wants one.
And that's why she doesn't have to take your iron. She does have to buy another one.

It's possible that your mother thinks you don't need your iron, since she presumably thinks you do no ironing at all. But it's more likely she's just being bossy here. And don't be guilted into thinking she's doing you a favour ironing your clothes. She sounds like my mother, who enjoyed ironing and always offered to do mine when she visited. She didn't see it as a favour, she saw it as passing her time more pleasantly.

Playdohinthewashingmachine Mon 27-Jun-11 16:48:45

Oh, misread. I thought you said your mum couldn't afford a new one. If she can, that's easy! She can get one.

No is a complete sentence.

nickelbabe Mon 27-Jun-11 16:52:29

tell her to fuck off.

seriously - she nags you into letting her do something for her that you've said you don't want her to do and now she wants to knacker up your expensive iron to do you the favour you don't want her to do? shockangry

do not give this woman your iron

plupervert Mon 27-Jun-11 17:13:44

What about if she orders her new iron, then goes away on holiday for a few days, so she doesn't have to do any ironing? There will be a lovely big pile when she comes back, and a new iron with which to iron it!

drivemecrazy63 Mon 27-Jun-11 17:14:25

its only ironing hmm just kidding , its your mum cant you be honest and tell her what you told us or lend her it and tell her if you break it ill break your neck grin come on its your mum why are you not able to talk about a little thing like this god forbid anything serious ever happens then

plupervert Mon 27-Jun-11 17:16:38

By the way, I once had a dream that someone made Pot Noodle in an iron. I could see the peas plumping up in the hot water, through the little window, and then the noodles hissed out of the steam vents.

Irons are not to be mistreated with the wrong sort of water!

portaloo Mon 27-Jun-11 17:34:41

Well, my mum has been and gone. She hasn't taken my nice shiny iron with her.
She complained that she hasn't been able to do any ironing, so I said she could take my old iron, it's a simple iron, no singing or dancing, just a bog standard iron.
She refused. She says she has 2 normal irons at home, but she doesn't want to 'go back to ironing with them, after getting used to the steam generator one.'
Ok I replied smile

Rockerchic Mon 27-Jun-11 17:45:58

YABU I wish my mom would take my ironing I'd gladly give her my iron.
Be grateful your mom wants to do this and help you out smile

chocolatehobnobs Mon 27-Jun-11 17:52:26

I have only ironed 2 garments in 3 years. (Always buy fabrics which drip dry) and send any of DH's stuff that needs doing to an ironing company who collect and deliver. Do I hold the MN record for doing the least ironing? grin

Flisspaps Mon 27-Jun-11 18:02:41

Good on you. Don't let her take your ironing though.

HowlingBitch Mon 27-Jun-11 18:04:06

You're my hero chocolatehobnobs

SpecialFriedRice Mon 27-Jun-11 18:27:33

I haven't ironed since I wore shirts at school 10 years ago. What am I doing wrong? Am I just the only sane one and live in a world of crazy people who have "ironing piles"?

I don't go about looking like a wrinkled mess, my clothes just don't wrinkle.

OP, YANBU. Don't let her have your iron. Either buy her a fancy new one as a thank you or she can buy herself one of she wants one that bad.

nickelbabe Tue 28-Jun-11 10:10:58

I hardly ever iron these days.
I used to iron summer clothes etc, when I lived with Ex, mostly out of habit, i suppose.
Then I moved in with DH, found he doesn't iron anything , and I've got out of the habit too.
I'll iron hems if they've been piled into the washing basket after drying instead of being hung straight away (that's usually my fault too!)
and we iron our surplices when they're been washed (which is twice a year)
DH isn't good at ironing (his mum used to do his surplice) so I put the ironing board up next to his (mine is a good one, brought with me, and his is crap, but relatively unused), and do a part of mine, so he does a part of his etc etc.
(takes forever, but no way am I ironing it for him!)

ZonkedOut Tue 28-Jun-11 10:35:31

What is this steam generator iron that's so much better than normal ones? I have piles of ironing and if it helps, I'd like to know more!

I do think things look better after being ironed, even if they're not that wrinkly before. But I'm not that good at doing it.

Fizzylemonade Tue 28-Jun-11 10:49:27

ZonkedOut I have tefal steam generator and can honestly say until that point I hated ironing, steam generator breezes through creases and the best bit is the ironing board gets soaked from the huge amount of steam so I have to stop ironing after 25 minutes grin

It was stupid money from Argos, I think £300 but well worth it, obviously you can get much cheaper ones, I'm a tefal girl so I stuck to what I knew. Plus I asked for Argos vouchers for mine and DH's birthday so that took a big chunk off the final price.

Portaloo Well done for not letting your mother take your iron. Bloody cheek, bet she was going to keep it.

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