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To be so annoyed at myself

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fromtheotherside Mon 27-Jun-11 01:13:12

I reversed my car into a brick wall today, causing alot of damage.
In the grand scheme of things I know it's not really that important, but I am so pissed off.
I can't even blame the wall-i reverse out of the drive everyday.
All DP can say is it's a piece of metal don't worry! It's MY piece of metal!

Happydogsaddog Mon 27-Jun-11 01:14:29

Yeah Id be annoyed too. Live and learn tho OP

darksideofthemooncup Mon 27-Jun-11 01:22:04

I do things like that all the time and there is nothing worse than that heartsink moment when you hear the 'crunch'. Unfortunately my DH's business is selling cars so every bit of damage I do comes off the profit margin - which goes down well. I have become the MASTER of inventive excuses grin

fromtheotherside Mon 27-Jun-11 01:27:26

I was hoping it would not be to bad and I could say someone done it in a car park.

No such luck, I took half the brick wall with me.

BillyJoel Mon 27-Jun-11 01:28:46

ooh hec. It is indeed a gut churning moment.

Bast Mon 27-Jun-11 01:36:16

YANBU and your DP is right. Luckily it is only a piece of metal and more lucky still, it was only a brick wall. I take it no-one was standing or walking behind it?

darksideofthemooncup Mon 27-Jun-11 01:39:13

I have had so many silly accidents OP, but it is just metal at the end of the day. We have an excellent bodyshop that I can recommend if you are in the Herts/Bucks borders grin

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