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To wish someone would have a quiet word with Chris Martin and advise him to stop skipping around?

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lovemyskinnyjeans Sat 25-Jun-11 22:23:53

...on stage?

fruitshootsandheaves Sat 25-Jun-11 22:24:31

ok just texting him now

DontGoCurly Sat 25-Jun-11 22:25:42

He's such a wet wendy......Christ....MAN THE F*CK UP !!


lovemyskinnyjeans Sat 25-Jun-11 22:25:50

Think he might be a wee bit busy

baskingseals Sat 25-Jun-11 22:27:25

bet he drinks beetroot and seaweed shakes for breakfast

CroissantNeuf Sat 25-Jun-11 22:28:51

Its 'Dad Dancing' on a festival level isn't it?

lovemyskinnyjeans Sat 25-Jun-11 22:29:46

He'll start the tiptoe dance soon, aswell...

DawnTiggaFashionGoddess Sat 25-Jun-11 22:31:41

Coldplay are SO beige I have no idea why you'd listen to them willingly let alone pay money to watch them unless you're trying to have a tooth out without anaesthetic.


fruitshootsandheaves Sat 25-Jun-11 22:37:09

He hasn't replied to my text. I think the music is too loud or he's left his phone -- in the mud-- backstage.
I'll tell him later

mitfordsisters Sat 25-Jun-11 22:54:48

Harsh! He is skippy but takes all sorts to make a world... And what do you listen to Tigga? Not a massive Coldplay fan but beige is totally unfair - He writes interesting songs - load more middle of the road stuff out there than Coldplay.

I heart Gwyneth too. Her barley flour biscuit recipe is great.

mitfordsisters Sat 25-Jun-11 22:57:08

Baskingseals, that's why he's still a toned tiptoeing chap unlike lead singer of Elbow, who obviously prefers an all day breakfast

faintpositive Sat 25-Jun-11 22:57:48

ahhhh they are ABSOLUTELY FANFUCKINGTASTIC live, amazing.

He is skippy and throws himslef around a fair bit, but id still do him....yum

SixtyFootDoll Sat 25-Jun-11 22:58:45

I like his skipping he looks so free.

faintpositive Sat 25-Jun-11 22:58:52

Elbow singer enjoys chips peas & gravy like the any other northern bloke...and he is a wee bit skippy.

mitfordsisters Sat 25-Jun-11 23:02:54

Fruitshoots, has he got back to you yet?

lovemyskinnyjeans Sat 25-Jun-11 23:02:59

Hmmm, skipping or crotch-grabbing? (stage flicking now) Choices, choices... Personally I prefer the manly stride/stance a la Status Quo...

mitfordsisters Sat 25-Jun-11 23:04:08

Wish I was at Glastonbury sigh

VirgoGrr Sat 25-Jun-11 23:07:33

I cant even look at him. He's just got such a punchable face. Skipping about aside. That just winds me up to fever pitch.

Sorry, I've had a wine.

I've been really enjoying listening on 6 music all day in the background and I've had to turn it off now.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 25-Jun-11 23:11:08

Well at least he doesn't shove gladiloli down his bum crack.

You know who you are St. Morrissey , King of the Mad Vegetarian People.

BeerTricksPotter Sat 25-Jun-11 23:21:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Olifin Sat 25-Jun-11 23:22:48

Oh, what channel is it on? I missed Jarvis earlier. My cousin phoned me from Glasto so I could listen to it. Wish she hadn't.

hairfullofsnakes Sat 25-Jun-11 23:26:07

The worst thing about him is that he always seems to have so much saliva swishing about when he sings makes me feel rather sick - bleurgh

BeerTricksPotter Sat 25-Jun-11 23:28:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BitOfFun Sat 25-Jun-11 23:30:13

I quite like him. Is that very wrong?

lovemyskinnyjeans Sat 25-Jun-11 23:31:25

Yeah, Jamie Oliver has that too, yeuch!

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