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To cry on my birthday...........every year.........

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whysolate Sat 25-Jun-11 21:14:54

...for the last 12 years?

I'm not much of a cryer, or a mierable sod, but I always feel sad on my birthday. WHY?

I am already worrying about it for this year.


ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Sat 25-Jun-11 21:18:20


worraliberty Sat 25-Jun-11 21:19:57


Do you have bad childhood memories or something?

DoMeDon Sat 25-Jun-11 21:20:12

It's hard to say you're being unreasonable when you don;t know why you cry. But really hmm - no need for crying! It's a good excuse for a cake if nothing else wink

orienteerer Sat 25-Jun-11 21:21:02


foodjunkie Sat 25-Jun-11 21:22:21

I am well known for it, within friends AND family unit. I hate my "special" day. I would rather bypass it.
To me (because I'm a big kid at heart who refuses to grow up) it's yet another reminder of time not having a pause button. It makes it all too real that I can't 'go back'.

strandedbear Sat 25-Jun-11 21:23:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OpusProSerenus Sat 25-Jun-11 21:24:05

This might not make you feel better but I recently had my 50th birthday and I can honestly say it was the best one I've ever had. Time will go on whether you like it or not so you might as well enjoy the ride!

Crossssssshairs Sat 25-Jun-11 21:26:14

You're doing it wrong!

deliciousdevilwoman Sat 25-Jun-11 21:29:00

Fuck, I love my birthdays! But then I have a sense of entitlement and love a fuss being made

worraliberty Sat 25-Jun-11 21:30:30

Getting older is a bit shit but it beats the hell out of the alternative don't you think?

My sister died very suddenly just after her 36th Birthday...leaving behind two lovely girls aged 8 and 9. Even crueller than that, she happened to die on Mother's day sad

From that day onward, I vowed never to worry about getting older.

I now view it as a luxury rather than a 'right' if you see what I mean.

DoMeDon Sat 25-Jun-11 21:31:30

Do people genuinely hate getting older!? I thought that was a bit of a myth perpetuated by make up companies and wrinkle cream manufacturers!

AmazingBouncingFerret Sat 25-Jun-11 21:31:35

My birthday is in January, nobody can ever afford to go out because they are always skint from new year.

Speaking of new year, that always makes me depressed for some reason. Even when I had really good plans when younger I would always feel morose.

DoMeDon Sat 25-Jun-11 21:32:42

X-post with my glib shite there worra - how awful for your family sad

worraliberty Sat 25-Jun-11 21:34:09

Aww no don't worry about that Don...I found myself smiling and nodding at your post grin

worm77daisy Sat 25-Jun-11 21:36:06

I have cried every birthday since I was 17, I think in part it is a overwhelming feeling of all the attention for no really deserved reason and a sort of sadness of life passing and a gratefulness for what I have in my life.

StickyFloor Sat 25-Jun-11 21:37:35

I feel the same too - nothing to do with wrinkles and getting older though.

It is the one day where I seem to stop and take stock of my life and always feel that it isn't enough. Ii think about when I was a child with all those opportunities ahead of me is this really where I wanted to end up?

DoMeDon Sat 25-Jun-11 21:38:02

I am happy my life is passing, the attention is deserved as I am lovely and world is a better place for me. I am going to a spa - paid for and booked by me, for me - on Monday - can't wait grin

Jellykat Sat 25-Jun-11 21:38:12

YANBU I'm the same, it's not the getting older that bothers me.. It's the increasing year by year lack of anyone giving a monkeys!..'Tis pityful..

Birthdays are days to enjoy with family and friends, but if there's none about, it's bloody lonely.

sparklyjewlz Sat 25-Jun-11 21:39:28

YY Worrability. OP: think of the alternative!

worraliberty Sat 25-Jun-11 21:41:20

You're going to a supermarket on Monday Don?

How wonderful grin

QuimFabray Sat 25-Jun-11 21:42:24


I acknowledge it and gratefully receive presents, but I hate being pressured to have a 'Girls Night Out', or some such! Why can't I just stay at home?

Blackcoffeeandcigarettes Sat 25-Jun-11 21:42:42

I do the same. On Christmas, Easter, birthdays even some bank holidays. But I live away from my family abd friends so always feel sad. My mil is bipolar and always has a massive high around her birthday, where she is totally manic and un controllable. Think there is something on the milestone pf a birthday that makes people on edge x

DoMeDon Sat 25-Jun-11 21:44:46

Couldn't afford Waitrose sad


whysolate Sat 25-Jun-11 21:47:55

sad Worra. Looking at it from that perspective I am an ungrateful bitch.

Maybe I am doing it wrong crossssssshairs.

I always say I don't want a fuss. Maybe this year I should have a shit load of fuss!

Maybe that's why I cry foodjunkie. I'm just not sure.

I know it started when it was my 21st birthday. I had a joint birthday party and leaving party for my mum and dad as they were moving to the Netherlands.

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