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AIBU? I don't think I am because I haven't decided yet

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troisgarcons Sat 25-Jun-11 20:31:08

The background:

I took a job at a a school (lets call it school A), 5 odd years ago. The previous girl in the job (lets call her J) went to another school (School B, in a similar role). I had a year of hell, it was hell, because there were no records or manual left in situ and I rapidly came to the conclusion that J had quite probably removed/destroyed anything of use.

Moving on, I saw J's job come up at school B, I thought about applying for it , but didn't on the grounds that
(a) I didn't fancy another year of hell, staggering round in a the dark.
(b) it might have been slightly more money but it no way compensated for the increased responsibility.

However. I thought the job would be a good move for one of my direct reporting line (Umm lets call her L) L duly applied, with splendid references from me.

Last night I went out with my work team. I know a member of my team (E) is J's very best friend. We all had a little bit to drink and that makes tongues loose.

I didn't ask anything. E told me that J had destroyed everything where I work on the grounds 'she built the job up and no one else was getting the credit for it'.

E also told me the J was going to be on the interview panel for the job at school B and that J had phoned E to ask what L was like. E also gave J a glowing personal reference about L. J said 'Not interviewing her, she comes from school A, if anyone asks I'll just say she hasn't got the experience'

I'm really, really annoyed. I just think she is a Grade A biatch.

My only consolation is that J resigned from her job at School B to take up another position and the other position didn't materialise. If the gossip mill is to be believed that was a rouse to get rid of her.

I'm not actually malitious, but I really feel like emailing the Head of School B and saying L didn't get a fair selection process.

But if I did - it would rebound on me - I am still E's line manager and that would have ramifications if I spilt the beans on her confidence (although how confidential it is if you are half cut and sharing secrets in a restaurant, in a group of 10 or more I'm not sure.) L wasn't there.


WWYD? Or indeed would you do nothing? And just think, 'J had jungle justiceand lost her job, what goes round comes round' ?

Jonnyfan Sat 25-Jun-11 20:33:19

need to read that again...

WinkyWinkola Sat 25-Jun-11 20:38:01

You can't do anything about this. You can't prove anything. Unless you find out who else is on interview panel and make sure they see L'a C.V. in order to know that J is talking rubbish about L's lack of experience.

OddBoots Sat 25-Jun-11 20:46:29

There's not much you can do except encourage L to ask for feedback if/when she is rejected or if it isn't too late to ask if she can visit the school to look around before the interview letters are issued.

realhousewifeofdevoncounty Sat 25-Jun-11 20:48:26

Yeah - agree it's just hearsay so not really able to prove anything. It sounds like your colleague has had a lucky escape anyway as she will probably leave just as big a mess as she did for you. Plus, it sounds like Karma is doing a good job of sorting her out as she is now out of a job! You and your colleague are both presumably still in jobs you're happy with, so neither of you have lost anything.

fluffles Sat 25-Jun-11 20:52:09

has the post at school B already been filled?

i can't understand how J has decision making over interviewees if she's lost her job?

very confused.

clearly however, you have a duty to support L. so as the previous poster says, try to get her to ask for feedback on her application. if J isn't at the school anymore somebody else will have to read the app and give feedback and if it's a strong app then it would raise questions about why she wasn't interviwed.

troisgarcons Sat 25-Jun-11 21:10:15

Sorry I didn't give timelines.

Apparently J was promised a different job in School B. She resigned, and her job was advertised. She was on the interview panel. Her job has now been filled. The job she was promised never materialised.

Before you point it out, I also thought it odd that she resigned from one role before getting confirmation of another. But that is neither here nor there.

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