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... To expect my DP to wash fruit

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shelfy74 Sat 25-Jun-11 19:11:05

Me, DP and DS1 sitting eating fresh cherries purchased cheap from fruit shop for our pudding. He had taken them out of plastic punnets and put them in a bowl when we got them yesterday. I see DS1 (aged 2.10) go to eat a mouldy one. DP goes "I had to chuck quite a few mouldy ones away when I unpacked them". He then admits he did not even rinse the rest. I am not happy, he says no big deal. AIBU?

Fleurdebleurgh Sat 25-Jun-11 19:14:53

I never wash fruit, or veg.

clayre Sat 25-Jun-11 19:16:01

Never wash it either!

FabbyChic Sat 25-Jun-11 19:16:20

I never wash fruit or veg either

VFVF Sat 25-Jun-11 19:16:28

Neither have I, I'm not dead yet grin

bibbitybobbityhat Sat 25-Jun-11 19:17:07


shelfy74 Sat 25-Jun-11 19:17:30

Ooh ok. Even when it's been in with mouldy stuff?

OurPlanetNeptune Sat 25-Jun-11 19:20:00

My husband does not, I do. All fruit and veg that does not require the skin to be peeled I will. I told my husband my preference a long time ago, so if he is preparing something for me he will wash it (he will also wash it for our sons).

Ask him to wash it for you in the future.

tazmin Sat 25-Jun-11 19:21:50

never washed fruit in my life,

havent died yet

Crossssssshairs Sat 25-Jun-11 19:21:52

My dp doesnt, I always do. I dont think its a big deal.

OurPlanetNeptune Sat 25-Jun-11 19:21:58

I have eaten mouldy fruit by accident, no harm was done but I will remove it if I see it. Did he know there was mouldy fruit in the bowl and still didn't remove it? If he did then he is lazy.

FlubbaBubba Sat 25-Jun-11 19:26:07

Nope. I do pick out the mouldy ones, but I don't wash them.

shelfy74 Sat 25-Jun-11 19:26:32

Yes he said he'd picked mouldy ones out of the bowl (obviously missed some) but didn't rinse the rest which had been mixed in with the moulders.

LaWeasel Sat 25-Jun-11 19:31:18

I didn't use to wash fruit and veg, but I do post cucumber-gate... and especially after today when I bought some cherries off the market from a guy with extremely muddy hands!

ScarletOHaHa Sat 25-Jun-11 19:58:36

ALWAYS wash fruit and veg not least cost the person that last handled it probably hadn't. I think you are supposed to wash pesticides off in very dilute soapy water. I just use water and scrub - except things you peel. YANBU

GreenEyesandHam Sat 25-Jun-11 20:01:35

Nope don't wash fruit or veg, and would have just thrown the mouldy ones away and not washed the rest.

That's how I roll baby.

CMOTdibbler Sat 25-Jun-11 20:03:21

I don't wash either, and if dh asked me to wash his fruit, I'd tell him to do it myself

sungirltan Sat 25-Jun-11 20:04:35

i never wash fruit or veg ever. my mother is horrifed. i have never seen dh do it either.

skybluepearl Sat 25-Jun-11 20:08:57

i wash fruit and veg particularly after a relative of mine got ill

PamBeesly Sat 25-Jun-11 20:18:07

I don't wash fruit and veg, with the exception of spuds or carrots and thats just because I never peel them

giraffesCantZumba Sat 25-Jun-11 20:24:21

i usually wash it but I know loads of people dont bother. I thought op was about dh washing himself and was going to come on and voice my disgust!

catgirl1976 Sat 25-Jun-11 20:27:31

I Dont wash fruit and veg. mind you - i don't rinse my mince either

cat64 Sat 25-Jun-11 20:30:18

Message withdrawn

lovemyskinnyjeans Sat 25-Jun-11 20:33:48

I don't, I think we're a bit too obsessed with sanitising everything these days

Crossssssshairs Sat 25-Jun-11 20:36:59

Who washes mince?

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