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to think Bono is a total hypocrite and should pay real tax rather than lecturing others to contribute more to charity

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zipadeedoda Fri 24-Jun-11 22:02:15

microserf Fri 24-Jun-11 22:06:50

fuck yes.

although i have always thought they are a bunch of twats, so i would say that. grin

LunaticFringe Fri 24-Jun-11 22:07:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janey68 Fri 24-Jun-11 22:08:28

Oh bog off. If he wasn't in a world famous band he would be generating far less wealth for the economy. So is that what you'd rather have? Just to appease your sour grapes catsbumface attitude?

And btw how much tax do you pay over and above what you are obliged to?!

MrsBuntyisRatherGrumpy Fri 24-Jun-11 22:08:34

He's always been an egotistical dickhead.

DontGoCurly Fri 24-Jun-11 22:10:08

Bono is a twat of the highest order and U2 are a shit MOR Christian rawk band.

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 24-Jun-11 22:12:50

Who on this thread would pay less tax if they could?

zipadeedoda Fri 24-Jun-11 22:13:35

Janey - I am still "onshore" the last time I looked unlike dear Mr Bono ...

gonerogue Fri 24-Jun-11 22:15:35

IMO most people who found themselves in the position of being able to keep as much of their earnings as possible would take advantage of all and any opportunities available to them to do this.

I don't care much either way for Bono and the boys - but I see the reasoning behind it.
You could also argue that multinational companies that channel their earnings to the country where they pay the least corporation tax, rather then pay the tax in the country of origin, are doing much the same as Bono and they should stop doing this too.

wimpybar Fri 24-Jun-11 22:16:54

i expect most high earners do the same

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 24-Jun-11 22:17:07

Can't remember this outrage about the Spice Girls not paying tax.
And U2 are not 'home' much , they are pretty much on constant tour.

ninedragons Fri 24-Jun-11 22:18:27

At least multinational corporations are a bit less vocal than Bono about telling governments how to spend other people's money.

Can't stand him. Sanctimonious tax-dodging twat.

LunaticFringe Fri 24-Jun-11 22:19:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsBuntyisRatherGrumpy Fri 24-Jun-11 22:19:31

Tax/ no tax he is still a self important pompous silly little man whose head is so far up his own arse it could quite possibly pop out of his mouth.

NormanTebbit Fri 24-Jun-11 22:20:46

I think you can dodge tax but it's a bit fuckin' rich then to bang on about world poverty, etc

I would love to be offshore but don't have enough money to go on holiday due to the £4,000 tax bill due in July.

SinicalSal Fri 24-Jun-11 22:20:57

Honestly Janey don't you see the hypocrisy? Most people minimise their tax bill if they can, they don't go around preaching to others.

Who wouldn't love to pay no tax and support their favourite charities instead?
Cuddly puppies would do all right in this scenario. Less so alcoholic ex prisoners on the streets, say.

Ryoko Fri 24-Jun-11 22:21:42

I don't mind the band themselves I don't know why they are so big they are so avarage, the Edge is pretty good at Guitar tho.

Bono I hate total tosser, I'm surprised they didn't have to specially widen the Pyramid stage to fit his head on it, he's up there with Sting in terms of absolute wankerdom, he moans at everyone else to give money to charity and then buys his hat a first class plane seat when he left it behind after a gig.
(Sting in a cock because he bitches about the environment and then has multiple houses in different countries he jets between several times a year)

zipadeedoda Fri 24-Jun-11 22:21:56

it is the hypocrisy I object to - by all means be high minded just don't tax dodge at the same time - or alternatively just be commercial and don't pretend to be a living saint. To be fair to the Spice Girls they have always made clear they are in it for themselves ...

SinicalSal Fri 24-Jun-11 22:22:00

Lunatic - yes, Ireland. And Christ knows, we could do with it.

DontGoCurly Fri 24-Jun-11 22:22:07

Oh please. I think what galls people here is that they come here with their sanctimonious preaching telling us all to give to the third world while the minute the Artists exemption here was tightened up Boner took his cash to the Netherlands while Irelands begging to the IMF.

There is no patience here for U2 and their repulsive hypocrisy, that's a given, the real unforgivable part is that they are musically irrelevant, an embarassment to Ireland. Bono is just a hypocritical narcissist and U2 is a bloated cash machine.

Fly the fuck off there Boner in your private jets all over the world while lecturing the small man on carbon footprints and the eviroment. Eurgh


NormanTebbit Fri 24-Jun-11 22:22:36

And what happened to the great Glastonbury protest? Or is the been ignoring it to save embarrassment

CarrieOakey Fri 24-Jun-11 22:22:40

Hmmmm I wonder how much he gives away! Is is tax evasion or avoidance?

zipadeedoda Fri 24-Jun-11 22:23:21

I think I am going to be sick as Bono sings Jerusalem at Glastonbury ...

MintChocAddict Fri 24-Jun-11 22:23:54

Oh jeez he's singing Jerusalem now. Twat.

NormanTebbit Fri 24-Jun-11 22:23:55


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