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to think the music teacher didn't like us?

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WesternIsle Fri 24-Jun-11 19:55:43

My 2 dc had a trial lesson on the flute last week. After the lesson I paid and the tutor chatted about next steps etc, and I said great that I'd book lessons for this weekend, but I'd have to phone him in the week to confirm times available. He said no problem.

Well during the week on different days I've left 2 messages on his mobile, and 1 on his landline, and he's not returned any of my calls, and we are now on Friday evening.

Do we presume that for some reason he doesn't want to teach my dc? sad

whydobirdssuddenlyappear Fri 24-Jun-11 20:03:34

I'd have thought if he didn't want to teach them he'd have said so after the trial lesson. No idea why he wouldn't ring you back though, unless either he's quite disorganised, or snowed under, or something's come up.

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