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To be annoyed that people dont actually WANT people to apply when they advertise jobs?

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OiYouThere Fri 24-Jun-11 18:00:49

...because they already have the post filled, but have to go through the motions?

It is very annoying. Especially when you only find out AFTER you have applied and got your head into the midset of going back to work and all that entails, and whilst being apprehensive about it, you are actually starting to look forward to it. Because I CAN do the job. Absolutely can. I am WAY over qualified for it. Which is fine, as when they asked WHY I wanted such a post I would wax lyrical about fitting in family commitments and such. Frankly, I would KICK ASS at this job.

BUT, the interviews are next week. The applications closed a few days ago. And I have heard NADA. Which basically means that they are NOT going to call me for an interview as they have already got someone in place - the current 'temporary' replacement. They would not give only a few days notice for an interview would they? The fuckers havent even acknowledged my application has been received (which I know it has).

<goes off to resigned self to being a SAHM forever as noone is interested in employing such a person>

Scheherezadea Fri 24-Jun-11 18:02:43

I hate it when they fill the position before the application deadline, why bother having a deadline?!

M0naLisa Fri 24-Jun-11 18:03:03

been there done that bought and worn the t-shirt sad pisses you off something cronic dont it?!

ggirl Fri 24-Jun-11 18:05:06

well i think you're jumping to conclusions a bit
they may be running a bit late on calling for interview
have they def said interviews next week??

Onemorning Fri 24-Jun-11 18:05:18

It's really common, and I hate it.

iMemoo Fri 24-Jun-11 18:06:57

How do you know its been filled internally??

Maybe you just weren't what they were looking for.

OiYouThere Fri 24-Jun-11 18:07:22

Oh, not only did they fill it, they announced the 'temporary' replacement in the paper!!!! And yes, it was before the deadline had passed! The interview times were allegedly next week as it was part of the advertisement. Grrrrr. Bastards.

catgirl1976 Fri 24-Jun-11 18:08:55

That is really annoying. Could I make one suggestion though (and this is geniunley meant to be helpful)

When I am recruiting, if someone goes to some lengths (or waxes lyrical) to describe how fitting in family commitments won't be an issue, I automatically think that it will be or it wouldnt have been mentioned. That might be wrong of me, but its an assumption I cant help making. Its the same if someone mentions a period of ill health or a condition that "wont be a problem". I automatically think it will be or they wouldnt have mentioned it.

I may have mis-read you and you might have been saying you wanted the job BECAUSE it fitted round family commitments, but then I would have a concern that it wasn't the job you wanted, just the convenience of how if fitted your circumstances

Apologies if that sounded interfery but just thought I would give a view from the other side of the table

Either way its a real kicker when you go to all the trouble of applying and the job doesnt exist in the first place sad

Peachy Fri 24-Jun-11 18:12:16

It is common, sister worked in a childcare setting and would frequently go to 'assessments days' with the person who had already got the job and was happy to tell everyone. Person had probably been doing it in a temp role for months.

OiYouThere Fri 24-Jun-11 18:16:27

catgirl - no offence taken. It was indeed that I wanted the job BECAUSE of family commitments, but I wouldnt have mentioned it unless they asked. It is in my field, a fairly specialised one, so I did want the job as well on its own merit.

I am just disheartened at how hard it is to get back into the field after a maternity break of a few years.

catgirl1976 Fri 24-Jun-11 18:19:52

Ah if they asked thats totally different - I just sometimes get unprompted long statements about things and it starts the alarm bells

Must be disheartening but I am sure things will turn around for you. Don't let them get you down - will keep fingers crossed for you!

HumphreyCobbler Fri 24-Jun-11 18:20:34

I completely agree. I have applied for quite a few teaching jobs that have then gone to people who already work there. It is a frustrating waste of time and emotional energy. I can see why they want to employ the people they know, I just wish I hadn't got my hopes up.

As an experienced primary teacher, and therefore expensive, I think I will probably never get a job again.

slummybutyummy Fri 24-Jun-11 20:06:57

Humphrey I know how you feel - I missed out on one this week that went to an internal candidate. Again.

smokinaces Fri 24-Jun-11 20:48:24

at least you didnt get to interview stage. I went through 2 interviews for a post this week, only to be turned down by letter because they hired the person they had in mind the whole time. rather a waste of my time and energies hoping!!

Groovee Fri 24-Jun-11 20:50:46

Been happening a lot that positions are being filled internally and you feel like a mug. Or the latest thing is the staff coaching an applicant through the process and getting them the job.

cornflakegirl Fri 24-Jun-11 22:05:31

Why would a company bother with the expense of advertising externally if they could already fill the job internally? I've just recruited an internal candidate having also interviewed three external candidates, because she was the best applicant. I didn't know that she would be before the process started though, or I wouldn't have wasted my time interviewing the others.

xstitch Fri 24-Jun-11 22:39:49

YANBU it is depressing enough job hunting and being turned down especially with the high volume of applicants without apply for jobs that aren't even available in he first place.

redwineformethanks Fri 24-Jun-11 22:54:26

I really feel for you. I had a similar experience but with a twist.

I was approached by a public sector organisation which invited me to apply for a post, so I went for an interview to find out more about it. They offered me the post and I accepted. We agreed hours and salary. Then they remembered that they were public sector so they should have advertised it. (This may be obvious to you but I don't come from a public sector background so I didn't see that coming)

The job was advertised and I was asked to apply formally. Everyone told me I was a dead cert and the job was mine for the taking. I had an interview with the same people who had interviewed me previously. Comments were made immediately before the interview which led me to understand I had no cause for concern.

I was amazed when I was turned down and hopping mad that I'd wasted 2 months waiting for this job to come off. I subsequently discovered that they'd decided to save money by going for a newly qualified person, despite lots of comments to me previously about how this job had to be done at a fairly senior position.

mrsdonkeybucketVAMOSRAFA Fri 24-Jun-11 22:55:16


It is very, very, very bloody annoying.

seeksnewnamewithgsoh Fri 24-Jun-11 22:58:36


Extremely annoying. From much recent experience angry

ShakinScarecrow Sat 25-Jun-11 13:38:52

Cornflakegirl, companies (private) don't have to advertise vacancies, but organisations (public sector) do. It's all about equal ops legislation, y'see.
And it's bloody irritating. I have been interviewed for 2 jobs recently, to find out on the day of the interviews that there were people already doing the job as a temp. Subsequently they got it. Fucking waste of my time.

ShakinScarecrow Sat 25-Jun-11 13:41:32

YANBU (sorry forgot to add this)

When I address the looooong person specifications on council application forms, I can spend the best part of a day, and end up writing about 4000 words. shock
It fucks me off that the job is already a dead cert for someone and they'e only advertising it because they have to.

SloganLogan Sat 25-Jun-11 14:00:17

Phone them for "feedback" on your application and see what they say...

catgirl1976 Sat 25-Jun-11 14:03:42

4000 words is waaay too long. CV no more than 2 pages and cover letter no more than 1. Golden rule

Meglet Sat 25-Jun-11 14:10:41

yanbu. I noticed it in local government. They had to advertise it but external applicants weren't going to get it.

catgirl IME with local government jobs you couldn't send a cv as they wouldn't look at it, the form had to be filled in. When I first started my boss told me it was all done on a points scoring system and using the right words / phrases in order to secure an interview.

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