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to be over emotional about moving?

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StarryEyedMama Fri 24-Jun-11 11:24:33

....the fact is when it comes to thinking about moving, a little bit of me is excited but the biggest part of me is so, so sad. DD and I have been in the area we live in now for 9 years, we have built up some fantastic friendships and go to a really lovely school. My DP and I moved in together 10 months after getting together because I feel pregnant with DS1, he moved areas to where we are now and after months of living here still hates it so we have decided to move to be closer to his work and somewhere he thinks he will be happier. We won't be far away (only 20 mins in a car, when I've learnt to drive) but DD will have to move school and the thought of having to say goodbye to our friends is really upsetting me, particularly my best friend who we live across the road from and walk to school and back every day and is my children's godmother.

I know I'm an emotional person and I need to get this under control - any tips? At the moment I'm just trying to be as positive as I can for my DD and focus on all the practical things that need doing.....I'm worried I'm not going to settle into the area, that I won't make friends, that we will stuff up DD's education (she will be going into Year 4 in September) and that I'll end up resenting DP for moving.

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 24-Jun-11 11:55:53

YANBU for having put down roots and made friends where you live. Your DP sounds a bit 'U', in fact, to be making you ship out of a place you've had 9 happy years in, when he's only been around for 10 months. Doesn't sound like he's given it much of a chance TBH. You can't drive so you'd feel trapped. DD would have her schooling disrupted. You could get to the new place and find that not only he hates it but so do you. And all because he's 20 minutes from the office?

He moved in with you... not the other way around. I think you should stay put at least until DD is going to secondary school and/or until moving is something you feel positive about.

StarryEyedMama Fri 24-Jun-11 16:04:02

Thanks for your post Cogito - to be fair DP has lived with me now for 21 months and still dislikes it, the main reasons being that his commute is 90 minutes each way (30 mins if he gets a lift) and also we simply can't afford it anymore, we will be saving over £200 a month by moving areas. Plus, although I love living in this area because I know it so well and I have good friends, it's not very family friendly and the new place we are moving too is - there is much more 'on the doorstep' as it were for more family orientated activities. It's a hard decision but when thinking about what is best for our family as a whole it is probably moving, it's just hard to say goodbye to such good friends.

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