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to insist on DS celebrating his 18th birthday four days late.

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sunnydelight Fri 24-Jun-11 08:46:47

DS1 is in his final year at school (Oz so different system) and has exams that count for 20% of his final marks in a few weeks. Unfortunately for him they start on his 18th birthday and , probably worse, he has two really difficult papers the day after. He has a break after four days, with no more exams for five days.

I have told him that I will totally support his right to party, buy the beer etc. if he waits until after the fourth exam (underage drinking isn't the norm here so going to buy your first legal case of beer at the bottle shop is a big deal). I've told him he can party for two days before getting his head stuck right back into his books again. He's not the kind of student where exams come easy and I think it's a fair compromise. He's grumbling a bit but I think he sees where I'm coming from - just wondering whether the MN jury think I'm being reasonable or not. I realise it's a bit controlling but after 14 years of dragging a dyslexic kid through school we are all quite relieved to see the end in sight. We would either all go out for dinner (with his girlfriend coming too) on his actual birthday or if he really can't bear that I'm happy to pay for them to go alone so we are not ignoring the actual day.

Pagwatch Fri 24-Jun-11 08:49:45

Of course it is not unreasonable. Tbh I would be pretty irritated if my ds insisted and I would think he was being very dim for no good reason.

Ds turned 18 the day before his last exam. We had a lovely day, he got all his family presents and we took him out for supper. His big party is in a week.

bubblecoral Fri 24-Jun-11 09:09:17

YANBU, but you know that. You are doing the best for him, and he has plenty of opportunities to party, but he only has one opportunity to do the exams.

I guess there's nothing to actually stop him still buying some beer on his birthday, he could even drink one, have some cake, go out for dinner like you said. Then save the serious partying till the exams are over.

TrilllianAstra Fri 24-Jun-11 09:13:45

He'll be legally allowed to buy beer, you can't stop him.

But he is an idiot if he does any more than drink a beer or two and get on with revising.

I think you should advise rather than insist.

sunnydelight Fri 24-Jun-11 09:31:07

I know he can Trilllian, I guess my AIBU was really around the "insisting". At the moment I am advising; tbh we've had a pretty easy ride with him as a teenager - we have a good relationship and he knows I only have his best interests at heart - but I do feel that on this one it's so important it's worth standing my ground even if it causes grief. Small kids are so much easier grin

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