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To have an loathing for someone on T.V that makes you turn over........

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Lipstickgal Thu 23-Jun-11 22:30:41

Mine is Susannah Reid. Can't figure out if it's the constant hair flicking/ gurning or vacuous and random commentary. Yeuch.

griphook Thu 23-Jun-11 22:33:58

Nick fucking knowles arrrrggggg and the one from master chef (with hair) makes me want to rip my face off. It's only food ffs

archieleach Thu 23-Jun-11 22:34:39

God yes.
Nigella Lawson
screechy types like McCall
loads of others
worst by far is that woman who abuses the contestants, the thick one, Anne Robinson. God I feel ill thinking of her.
Gordon Brown - took me six months before I even heard him say a word. He looked so boring, I always turned over.

izzybiz Thu 23-Jun-11 22:35:29

Phil from Time Team!

Scraggly hair, fat knuckles and long fingernails!


bubblecoral Thu 23-Jun-11 22:35:58

Joe Pasquale and Nigel Havers. Both vile.

slartybartfast Thu 23-Jun-11 22:36:23

alan carr

Fairycakewithsprinkles Thu 23-Jun-11 22:36:41

Cheryl Cole

Go compare man

archieleach Thu 23-Jun-11 22:37:15

compare her to who?

PenguinArmy Thu 23-Jun-11 22:37:34

Ian Beale

bubblecoral Thu 23-Jun-11 22:37:56

And Michael Winner

FreudianSlipper Thu 23-Jun-11 22:38:23

all the witches on loose women, its banned here

nick knowles makes my skin crawl so does greg from mastercheif. i have quite a fwe others that i can not watch too blush lorriane kelly, super nanny, claire sweeny, piers morgan

i do not watch that much tv

Binfullofmaggotsonthe45 Thu 23-Jun-11 22:38:29

Jonnie and Jasmine from "A place in the sun - home or away?".

I really don't know why they irritate me, apart from her lack of decent bras and puppies noses constantly fighting to get out of her summer tops!

DogsBestFriend Thu 23-Jun-11 22:39:01


Richard Briars. That bloody voice of yours. I know you can't help it but I Do Not Like It!

Martin Clunes. You aren't funny, you're infantile. Go away.

seasickgal Thu 23-Jun-11 22:39:04

Vanessa Feltz

vigglewiggle Thu 23-Jun-11 22:40:10

There is already a thread on this. Same names popping up again grin.

trouble2plus2 Thu 23-Jun-11 22:40:46

Lorne Spicer. That annoying one with the drawly voice off the antiques programmes. You know, the crap ones during the day. Not Antiques Roadshow. That is a different class.

vigglewiggle Thu 23-Jun-11 22:41:30


BluddyMoFo Thu 23-Jun-11 22:41:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chocolateyclur Thu 23-Jun-11 22:41:42

Janet street porter. Gaaaaaah.

archieleach Thu 23-Jun-11 22:41:59

Ian Beale - yes
loose women - yes
I love Richard Briars
Feltz - yes - how screwy can someone be and not be locked up?

EthelredOnAGoodDay Thu 23-Jun-11 22:43:16

Not on TV, but Jo whiney Whiley on radio.

griphook Thu 23-Jun-11 22:43:41

oo how about Myleene Klass, she the original mary poppins. practically perfect in every way. hurmp

Sleepingonthebus Thu 23-Jun-11 22:44:46

Ricky Tomlinson

archieleach Thu 23-Jun-11 22:45:26

Jonnie and Jasmine from "A place in the sun - home or away
Yes how many crap puns can you fit into a programme, and that terrible "spinster voice catch"

FreudianSlipper Thu 23-Jun-11 22:47:12

i looked at the other list and some strange thinking person mentioned Ben Fogle shock how can anyone dislike Ben he is lovely (not in a sexual way, far too nice to do anything dirty with)

Jeremy Clarkson - twat of the highest order

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