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Matey "Look who I'm with!" pointing by celebs

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Euphemia Thu 23-Jun-11 14:34:04

AIBU to loathe this? For example:

Chris Evans on the cover of Radio Times.

Matt Lucas - Radio Times again!

My pet theory is that the person doing the pointing is trying to indicate "Oh wow! Look at the amazing person I am with!" whereas in fact what their gesture says is "I'm fucking brilliant, I am." grin

Other theories/examples of matey pointing?

BornSicky Thu 23-Jun-11 14:37:42

i think it's lazy photography!

both are so badly posed and composed shots, i'd want to sack the cheesy, lazy arse photographer.

I read the gesture as "look what the fricking photographer made me do... I'm so very happy to be here, truly I am, now get me a fucking coffee and let me go and do some real work."

Euphemia Thu 23-Jun-11 14:44:21


FreudianSlipper Thu 23-Jun-11 14:45:52

any picture with simon cowell and his members of his harem hanging on

he jsut always looks to be thinking i really am great and look these women think i am too

VeraGood Thu 23-Jun-11 14:49:14

its like kerry " tongue out" katona
in our local rag we have a pic of some excercise class women who had donated food to a charity
they are standing there with their arms outstretched to POINT to the food on the floor

as if you cant see it

VeraGood Thu 23-Jun-11 14:49:58

Other egs of this are woman smiling with half a watermelon
and the women laughing with salad - there is a whoel WEBSITE of that

VeraGood Thu 23-Jun-11 14:50:36

here is salad blog

M0naLisa Thu 23-Jun-11 14:52:24

hmmm yeah i find it abit

'hey look at me i'm famous and you're not, also look who i am with and you are not?!

Get a life!!!

Finallyspring Thu 23-Jun-11 14:54:29

women laughing alone with salad.

Fantastic ! The first post on MN for ages that's really made me laugh. Any more like that ?

FreudianSlipper Thu 23-Jun-11 15:13:50

good excuse now for me not to order salad, i may start laughing just thinking about those pictures

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 23-Jun-11 16:23:16

grin grin at women laughing alone with salad. Thanks for that!

And I tend to agree that matey pointing is down to an unimaginative photographer or whoever has briefed for the shoot. It also tends to be a marker of, let's say, more downmarket publications ...

VeraGood Thu 23-Jun-11 16:25:34

look at watermelon girl too ( google carefully)
and women with cucumebrs on their eyes

i mean have you EVER done any of those htings?
laughed alone eating salad.
grinned like a loon eating watermelon
put cucumbers on your eyes?

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 23-Jun-11 17:33:50

Have put cucumber on my eyes.
It stung.
And it was boring just lying there (as the actress said to the bishop)

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