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ebay - AIBU to think that some people need a good talking to!

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itsybitsy08 Thu 23-Jun-11 10:02:25

Just a mini moan. I know I shouldnt take things personally, but im blaming pregancy hormones!

Just started selling a few bits and bobs to raise some money in time for baby's arrival. I have dispatched every item I have sold, either on the same day I recvieved payment, or the day after if the item ends in the evening and obviously the postoffice isnt open. Always 1st class.

One listing ended 9pm on saturday night, so I posted the item on monday because the post office is not open on Sunday. This is beyond my control last time I checked.

I also send an email to the buyer to inform them their item is in the post.

Hence i am slightly confused why I have been marked down in dispatch time on the sellers ratings?

AIBU or have I missed something?

TotemPole Thu 23-Jun-11 10:08:29

You posted Monday, when did they receive it?

They are BU, they should look at the date stamp and be able to work it out.

But, from what I recall, it isn't necessarily the last buyer that has affected your DSRs. It could be the few before that.

itsybitsy08 Thu 23-Jun-11 10:15:36

I know it isnt necessarily the last one, and that is why I am even more confused really, because all the others were either posted the same day or the day after if the listing ended in the evening! I can't post something at 9 at night!

Like you say the packets will have a date stamp!

I buy on ebay too and have always had to wait a few days for sellers to post out to me (I check the date stamp) so I thought I was doing quite well by posting the same day or day after, and my hormones arent taking it to well being told I'm not smile

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