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To be unable to make up my mind about these?

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LizaTarbucksAuntie Thu 23-Jun-11 07:40:21

Do I want to buy these for DP or not?

<hormonal disclaimer: I often shop inappropriately when pre-menstrual>

LizaTarbucksAuntie Thu 23-Jun-11 07:41:37

wedding cufflinks

<hormonal disclaimer: Oh FFS It's going to be one of THOSE days>

DontCallMePeanut Thu 23-Jun-11 08:14:08

I'm not sure I like them, but... It's up to you and DP.

FetchezLaVache Thu 23-Jun-11 08:20:58

Why not just ask your DP if he likes them?

chopchopbusybusy Thu 23-Jun-11 08:24:19

I don't like them. Sorry. If it's the anything is possible ones you want website says they are out of stock anyway. Dilemma over wink

LizaTarbucksAuntie Thu 23-Jun-11 10:13:11

Well, I'd wanted them to be a surprise....

Think I'll go and look at Edward Monkton ones instead.


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