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To ask if there's anyone in the chichester or bognor area with a racing driver outfit

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dealer Wed 22-Jun-11 17:18:29

IABU, I know this is super cheeky. But it's the usual, school gives a couple of days notice to provide a costume for something.

I can usually knock something together, have managed a viking, a cowboy, a ladybird and a scarecrow but I'm completely flummoxed by this one, I just don't seem to have anything even remotely appropriate

Dd is 9, average height and slim. She can be a racing driver or a 'toad of toad hall' type character, you know goggles, helmet and scarf etc. So if anyone's close enough that I could borrow something, it will be returned.

Thanks, in advance.

psiloveyou Wed 22-Jun-11 17:28:54

When is it for dealer.
I have a team motor cross outfit from ladybird. It is very basic and says motorbike team on the front. All in one red, yellow, blue with chequered stripe down the leg. Comes with a cloth helmet and visor. Age 4-7 but fits my 9 year old. It is 42" from shoulder to leg bottom.
I could put it in the post first thing tomorrow for you.

dealer Wed 22-Jun-11 17:48:34

Oh blimey, I totally didn't expect someone to start posting things. That'd presumably cost a fair bit to post, and I'm not sure how I'd manage to pay you. Thanks so much for the offer though.

I'm a local delivery driver so was hoping that someone reasonably local might have something I could pick up while I'm out. I need it for next Weds.

And thank you again psiloveyou, that was very kind.

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