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to love my dyson and Steve the engineer...

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ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 14:13:07

i have had a dyson for a about 10 years now, and this is why i think i love it....

you can book a service call, and our dyson engineer, Steve who is just lovely anyway, totally and completely rebuilds it, its like having a brand new machine.

today he replaced the clutch, the brushes, the bin, the cleaner head, the filter pad, the hoses, the cyclone and the sole plate. ta da! brand new hoover! fraction of price of a brand new hoover! and im covered for a year if anything goes boom, it cost me £6 more to cover the entire machine for a year... it should be good for at least another 5 years, but i replace hoses and bits quite often, so im covered for those and dont have to pay again for a whole year.

i love dyson. and steve. smile

DogsBestFriend Wed 22-Jun-11 14:17:58

I have a Dyson. But not a Steve.

Oh no, my lovely, friendly, cheerful, helpful, polite and easy on the eye Dyson engineer is a James.

A James trumps a mere Steve any day! grin

<<pokes tongue out at Vicar >>

PS, Vicar, has your friend's dog forgiven you yet? And did you 'fess up? smile

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 14:23:55

god, dont mention that poor sure the dog has forgiven me but i couldnt fess up...

and my Steve is far better than your certain of it. Steve was here for a whole hour today....i got my monies worth! (and he got a coffee)

MrsReasonable Wed 22-Jun-11 14:26:26

A Google search for your name + mumsnet + dyson shows that you've been quite vocal in your love for Dyson, noting how easy it is to have it serviced. If they're that great, why do you need to keep having it serviced?!

nocake Wed 22-Jun-11 14:29:59

So she can keep having Steve coming round wink

shudabinme Wed 22-Jun-11 14:35:34

I love my dyson too and also had it serviced - even left him alone at home fixing it while I did the school run shock. It works just like a new one!grin

shudabinme Wed 22-Jun-11 14:36:38

Don't know what his name was, he fixed it and drove away like the milk tray man (whatta guy)

LakeFlyPie Wed 22-Jun-11 14:37:51

May I ask how much Steve (or James) charges for this marvellous Dyson rebuilding?

ZXEightyMum Wed 22-Jun-11 14:38:39

My Dad bought a Dyson about fifteen years ago and was once heard to say that it was his best mate grin

I'm not sure that he could cope with a Steve.

shudabinme Wed 22-Jun-11 14:41:26

Mine was an official Dyson engineer so it was just over £70 which covers everything, parts, labour etc. My dyson is over 11 years old, used and abused, is now like a brand new machine for a fraction of the price!

celebmum Wed 22-Jun-11 14:42:15

I need a Steve.. I've had my dyson about 4years now and noticed that it's not as efficient as it once was... I took it apart to have a nosy and found a filthy grotty filter with the 'wash every 6months' logo on it.... blushblushblush

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 14:42:54

why do i keep having it serviced? because its 10 years old and Steve grin rebuilds it for me so i get a nice shiny new hoover every couple of years!

gool 'ol Steve.

blip last time in that it wasnt Steve, it was Another Man who did a shit job...but Steve is back!

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 14:44:16

cost £79 but that covers me for a year, all parts and labour.

so a new hose is in the offing....they normall cost £26 and i go through them a bit....i abuse my hose sad but now im covered for all parts so ill get a spare!

shudabinme Wed 22-Jun-11 14:44:24

Celebmum, check with Dyson - their new machines are under guarantee for 5 years so you may be covered

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 22-Jun-11 14:46:28

oh aye....if its still under guarantee then use it - it will cost nowt!

mine is well out of guarantee....

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