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nowIreallyhatespiders Wed 22-Jun-11 12:58:17

Changed my username for this as actually am intensely embarrassed as it's such a stupid, nonsensical story.
I bought a brand new tent for my children and I to sleep out in, from a well-known shop. On unrolling the tent in my garden the other day, I saw a spider near my hand and vaguely thought at the time "Oh my, he must have come a long way in this tent". I was so stupid as I didn't put this together with what I assumed was some other injury to my hand which grew increasingly worse and worse. I was going through various scenarios in my head as I put the tent up and carried on with my day. Did I bang it without noticing? No. Duh.
Anyway, big bump on my hand with obvious markings, and spreading black bruising. My whole arm had pins and needles, running up to my shoulder and in all my finger tips and also my tongue. I took painkilers and piriton and just laughed it off. Did the school run, laughed it off with a few mums.
DH joked I'd been bitten my a snake instead as the fang marks were so wide.
Really, I just thought it was an amusing after-dinner story and even laughed about it in the shop yesterday when I had to collect a spare part for the aforementioned tent. The tent was manufactured in China.
But hand grew very black last night and I ended up in A&E where spider bite confirmed. Although all any medical professional wants to know is why I didn't kill the damn spider (!!!) "Have you brought it with you?" they asked. "Can you describe it?". Well, I can just about, as much as a few seconds worth of look I attached no importance to.
My RL friends are incredibly shocked I am not demanding some sort of pay-out from the shop.
But really, what would it achieve? I don't know if I am being unreasonable in lumping this in with my disdain of no-win-no-fee accident compensation swindles.
Really, should I complain? Am I just being silly?
The ONLY things I feel are complete stupidity for not acting in the right way when in happened, embarrassment I have had to explain all this to people, and relief that the spider bit me and not my three year old daughter.
The pain is much better now, and the antibiotics and antihistamines I got from A&E have made a huge difference.
My RL friends really shocked me with their strong reactions.

worraliberty Wed 22-Jun-11 13:02:41

I think your friends are confusing complaining with compensation.

Yes you should complain...just so they know it can happen and hopefully make sure they're checked.

No you shouldn't claim because quite honestly it's no-one's fault.

fluffyanimal Wed 22-Jun-11 13:05:40

Well I wouldn't sue for compensation, but I might be tempted to give the company 'constructive feedback' about quality control from their suppliers. You can do this in a nice way, and somebody probably ought to be made aware that this has happened, in case there is any way it can be prevented from happening again. As you say, what if it had been your 3 year old who had been bitten?

And for the rest, I am shockshockshock that this beastie is now living the life of riley somewhere in this country and will probably never sleep again. wink

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