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bambino direct / UKmail

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trixie123 Wed 22-Jun-11 11:43:28

ordered an item +p&p worth about £30. You can specify a delivery day which I did for Monday. Its a 9-6 thing, which is annoying but ok if you can choose the day. They didn't come. Tues I get home to find a card "we tried to deliver" etc. On ringing them, they can't leave the parcel somewhere as bambino have said it has to be signed for by ME, no-one else will do and they can't give me a more specific time. Contacted bambino who say if I want to cancel the order it'll be £18. Why should I have to a) wait in another whole day (which I actually can't do even if I wanted to) or b) pay this charge when its UKmail who didn't deliver on the right day? I have emailed them suggesting that they either tell the courier its ok to leave the parcel out the back or at the post office or get them to stump up the £18. AIBU? Why is it not possible for them to give a more specific time? Kiddicare give a 1hr slot (This item was not available from them otherwise I would have gone through there. Have not used BD before and am unlikely to again!) angry

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