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to ask where you all buy your clothes from?

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CallMeBubblesEverybodyDoes Wed 22-Jun-11 09:59:59

I have always been of the cheap and cheerful, disposable fashion type of mindset, buying from places like Primark, Peacocks, Tesco etc.

However, a woman I've met on the school run always looks absolutely fantastic but doesn't have a huge amount of clothes, she goes for quality rather than quantity, and a classic style of clothing rather than very trendy. So for example every other winter she spends £200 or more on a really good coat, that will go with everything and pull everything together, and she says it sort of updates her wardrobe.

I'm thinking going for quality rather than quantity is the way I'm going to go with clothes shopping as often I buy far too many items that just sit in the wardrobe or don't go with a lot else.

Where do you all shop?

MummyTigger Wed 22-Jun-11 10:06:03

I'm probably the worst person to ask about clothes, because I just love my charity shops too much. If you have a good rummage, you can find some fab stuff in there for a pittance. I'm also a Primark-addict, and some of my Primark stuff has lasted for a good few years smile I've never been able to do the whole "key pieces" wardrobe thing. I end up getting bored of them too easily, so I end up buying more stuff!

BornSicky Wed 22-Jun-11 10:08:38

charity shops. i look for good clothes/labels, then raid the sales for other items (underwear, vests etc)

will not ever scrimp on shoes/boots though, so once a year i spend £100+ on a really good pair.

MixedClassBaby Wed 22-Jun-11 10:10:14

I agree with the woman you've met on the school run. I buy a few good quality items every now and then. I also trawl charity shops regularly and get bits on e-bay. I get some bits from Next/Top Shop and pants/tights from Primark.

Bast Wed 22-Jun-11 10:12:21

Make your own? I often make stuff then see similar in a designer range costing hundreds grin ...except mine's better and tailored exactly to my shape.
(I made my own, totally personalised mannequin too, after my 'proper' one died!)

Think handmade not homemade and it shines a whole new light on things.

worraliberty Wed 22-Jun-11 10:13:29

I shop absolutely everywhere.

I've always been of the mind set that if it looks good and I can afford it, I buy it. Doesn't matter if it's Primark/Peacocks/Next/John Lewis or the local market.

itisnearlysummer Wed 22-Jun-11 10:14:09

I avoid 'trendy' clothes like the plague. So I have no need or desire for disposable fashion.

I get my undies from M&S.
Linen trousers from Next.
I really like RochaJohnRocha stuff from Debenhams.
Also New Look, Monsoon, and Oasis. And I also buy stuff from Namaste

I don't have a huge clothing budget and I don't have many clothes. I hate shopping with a passion. I tend to bulk buy (well 2 or 3) stuff I like so that I can wear it until I get bored of it!

I used to adapt and modify a lot of the stuff I bought when I was younger. I do that less now, but still don't like to look the same as everyone else.

zukiecat Wed 22-Jun-11 10:21:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DorisIsAPinkDragon Wed 22-Jun-11 10:26:40

I buy nicer brands on ebay.

I think that tesco etc are fasle eccomy as ime it never last as long / starts bobbling quickly and looking shabby.

I also sale shop but nothing too "on trend".

Ragwort Wed 22-Jun-11 10:28:40

Charity shops grin - but then you probably aren't asking me for style advice !

inchoccyheaven Wed 22-Jun-11 10:28:59

I hate clothes shopping so don't usually do it until desperate. I get my jeans from new looks inspire range as they are only ones I have found that come to belly button and cover my arse. They are only £12 but look great and last a long time. I bulk buy them just incase they stop doing them haha.

Otherwise I get some from Sainsburys, and recently bought a couple of bits in the sale at debenhams from red herring and dresses from john rocha. My friend always buys me tops for christmas and they are from m&s. She always gets it right smile

Does the mum from school buy a new coat every year for £200??!! It would need to last forever if I did that.

CallMeBubblesEverybodyDoes Wed 22-Jun-11 10:33:08

She buys one every two or three years, inchoccyheaven. I don't think she buys many clothes throughout the year though. She seems to have a knack of making everything look different depending on what she wears with it. For example she has a lovely denim tunic type top from Fat Face (I ask her where she gets everything :-) ). The other day she had it on with some boyfriend style jeans so it looked casual. This morning she had it on with some navy leggings, some navy pump shoes and a chunky red necklace so looked all nautical!

Insomnia11 Wed 22-Jun-11 10:38:31

Next and Dorothy Perkins mostly. Generally anywhere that has a good online store and fast reliable delivery/returns system as I can't BEAR clothes shopping on the high street/in shopping malls. I recently branched out to Laura Ashley for work clothes as they seem to have had sales on for ages and I liked the 50s/60s style stuff they had.

Though a few weeks ago I dropped DD1 off at a party and thought "Shit, I really need to get some summer clothes" then went into town where DP happens to be about the only local shop which is reasonably priced and went "That'll do, that'll do, that'll do" tried the lot on, swapped a few 12s for 14s and vice versa and spent £200 in about ten minutes...Bob's your uncle.

That's basically how I shop for clothes- fast and furious and about twice a year!

VivaLeBeaver Wed 22-Jun-11 10:40:07

Gap, Zara, fat face, h&m. Tk maxx.

Tortu Wed 22-Jun-11 10:40:47

I had a wardrobe consultation the other day (seriously! My MIL paid for it- was briefly offended, but have actually decided it was a lovely gesture).

I had my colours done and then we talked about my style vs. bodyshape and clothing needs. I don't know how much MIL paid, but think it was a brilliant investment. I have, until now, been very much of the 'well I'm out and deserve a treat, that top looks nice' kind of variety, but get home put the top in the cupboard and never wear it. The two hour consultation just gave me time to reflect on my clothing. Interesting things I discovered:

1. My work clothes are pretty much fine, because I buy a couple of expensive pieces in the sale every year and think carefully about what they will go with. I also tend to stick to one brand (coincidently the one nearest the cafe I like to go to): Kaliko/ Minuet. As I have now been working for 10 years, I have a number of classic pieces that look well together, even if I've just thrown them together.
2. My casual wardrobe is a mess. I have a phenomenal quantity of cheap items (Primark etc.), but wear the same few comfortable clothes repeatedly. Most of the items I've got have been bought either because they were bargains, or because I liked them on the hanger. I have very few items that actually go together and many are so cheap that they fall apart very quickly. I am now vowing the think strategically about my casual wardrobe, so that I spend less money pointlessly and can throw together items that look good and that I'll actually wear. The casual stuff that I actually wear? Mainly comes from Wallis.

newpup Wed 22-Jun-11 11:20:33

I am of the quality rather than quantity school too. I would rather spend £40 on one top than on four.

I wear mostly Monsoon, Joules, Boden and my jeans are from Gap. I buy a new expensive coat every couple of years and it does update your wardrobe. I also have a thing about lovely P.Js! confused. I have a couple of Ralph Lauren pairs I bought in U.S.A. and I love them! Also love my very expensive dressing gown. I never buy cheap shoes either, shoes and handbags should be quality.

I would rather spend several hundred pounds on a gorgeaus bag that will last forever and go with everything than have dozens of cheap ones.

Quality over quantity all the way!

LovelyDaffs Wed 22-Jun-11 11:28:05

All sorts.

Primark for undies, socks, basics like cami's, scoop neck t's and sometimes ballet flats.

Boden, GAP, Hush, Moonsoon, Uniqlo for all other bits. The odd designer item usually bought by DH as a present.

I am partial to a good designer handbag.

Somedays I'm in DYNY & Primark - I like to mix and match.

porcamiseria Wed 22-Jun-11 11:36:08

I would love to shop at Jaeger, Maxmara, Zara, Cos and Russel and Bromley

but instead I but shit cheap shite when rushing around Tesco


Helenagrace Wed 22-Jun-11 11:44:29

I spend a fair bit on accessories - silk scarves, necklaces, bags etc and use those to update basics. I now have a huge collection and always have something to go with an outfit.

I never skimp on shoes but I'm quite happy with a mix of supermarket basics (george at asda, sainsburys) and sale bargains from expensive shops for casual wear. For work I tend to wear smart dresses which I usually buy from Boden / Jaegar / Phase 8. I always invest in a good pair of boots for winter. I'm a very savvy sale shopper and one of the best things about living in the North is Boundary Mill. I get so many bargains there from LK Bennett, Hobbs, French Connection etc. Last year I got three pairs of Windsmoor linen trousers reduced from £90 a pair to £8 a pair - that's definitely my best bargain yet.

I had a colour me beautiful consultation for a birthday present a few years ago and it was really useful. I know I'm a warm, soft, full hourglass and therefore I know that certain things won't suit me so I don't get sidetracked when shopping.

The real trick behind looking good on the school run is to plan what you're wearing the night before, including accessories, and lay it all out ready. No last minute panics trying to find the belt that goes with the trousers means you look polished.

superjobeespecs Wed 22-Jun-11 11:47:15

primark for tops and accs i.e scarves hair clips random bangles to match outfits that i can chuck when im bored.

new look for jeans/ dress trousers dress tops/ going out clothes and jackets i love new looks coats

peacocks and george for undies and jams also george for summer type things wee dresses etc and shorts

LovelyDaffs Wed 22-Jun-11 11:52:56

ooh Helenagrace I've just googled Boundary Mill and it's not too far from me, thanks.

MsTeak Wed 22-Jun-11 11:55:22

The bottom of a bin. Well, not really, but thats what I look like at the moment.

Pumpernickel10 Wed 22-Jun-11 11:56:03

I buy mainly from monsoon,next and Dorothy Perkins.
I also shop in charity shops and had a brand new Hobbs coat that cost £190 for £7.50. You can get quality stuff in charity shops had my best buys from there.

Pumpernickel10 Wed 22-Jun-11 11:57:26

I do like my bags though mainly radley and mulberry which are usually presents

EldritchCleavage Wed 22-Jun-11 11:57:53

Work suits and blouses: designer or posher High St. stuff, usually bought in sales, online sales or saved up for. Carefully kept and dry-cleaned, this stuff lasts for years and years and always looks smart. Doing this is a far better buy than cheaper clothes which often date faster. I was recently complimented on a Paddy Campbell suit that is actually 12 years old but still looks almost new.

Same with shoes: one pair of patterned Ferrragamo pumps bought in the sale is still jazzing up my outfits years on. I also go to Russell & Bromley because they still do half sizes.

Home: I agree with the investment dressing here too, though not to the same extent. I wear basics from Uniqlo eked out with one or two nicer things (e.g. one pair of wool flannels from Nicole Farhi that are classic and will last for yonks, plain cashmere High St. or Boden jumpers and the odd quirky thing I find on

The thing about dressing like this is it is not disposable. It only works with a commitment to maintenance i.e. regular brushing and dry-cleaning, washing clothes carefully (a machine with a hand-wash programme helps), polishing and re-heeling shoes, and a lot less novelty and change than getting more, cheaper things will offer you.

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