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Hmm i think i am some may not.

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M0naLisa Tue 21-Jun-11 09:43:07

My sister (again)

She has a 1 year old little boy.

She is one of these who is skint ALL the time, lives in her overdraft because she cant control her money. When her boyfriend moved back in she rang TC and they told her she would get £80 per week in WTC on top of her CTC. She took this as gospel and went out and spent money which was for her bond on her house on clothes, H&M, Primarni, Asda, etc etc which tbh if she wants to go out and spend money she hasnt got on clothes thats her problem not mine, Only when it came to actually doing the TC claim when he BF moved in she was only entitled to £4.90 per week so she shagged herself over that.

Last week she was moaning she had no money for this, no money for that, she was constantly arguing with BF because of money, then moaning because she couldnt go for fathers day meal - which she did eventually.

Anyway she posts on her FB (i know i know FB) that she wants to buy her little boy some Converse Trainers. I mentioned that by the time he got used to them they would be too small for him.
Next thing i know shes giving me an ear bashing about how much my husband and i paid for some trainers for ourselves in 200 and pissing 7. Also i got the 'oh and how much do you pay for your glasses?'
Excuse me i get them free from NHS prescription and if i want designer i pay £40 towards them.

Do you know i actually loathe being a big sister sometimes.

TBH i dont know what i am asking i am just renting again

vtechvoyager Tue 21-Jun-11 14:47:16

Sounds like you need to just stick to discussing the weather with her!

ginnybag Tue 21-Jun-11 14:51:02

Glasses - essential to everyday life for those that need them.

Converse trainers - REALLY not.

OP, just stop talking about money with her. It's the only way.

Literally, if she starts, just cut her off - 'Can we not talk about money. We have different viewpoints and I don't want to discuss it' and repeat, repeat, repeat. Channel that 'big sister knows best vibe'

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