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to hate giving bj's?

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LoveMyOscar Mon 20-Jun-11 18:09:38

I hate giving dp oral sex. He doesn't give me oral sex neither but expects it from me. I hate getting jaw ache and the feeling of wanting to vomit, and let's not even go there if he ejaculates in my mouth. I do enjoy penetrative sex, as does dp. The relationship is quite new. AIBU to refuse to give dp oral sex because I dislike it so much?

BluddyMoFo Mon 20-Jun-11 18:10:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoveMyOscar Mon 20-Jun-11 18:11:56

He says he hasn't liked the taste and how his tongue aches when he's done it to ex partners. He has never given me oral sex so I could taste different!

TheOriginalFAB Mon 20-Jun-11 18:12:23

You shouldn't do anything in the bed room that you don't want to do.

BluddyMoFo Mon 20-Jun-11 18:13:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovedora27 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:14:42

I would say do 69 that way you get an orgasm out of it and when you are getting pleasure you never get jaw ache or even notice your doing it. Once you start doing 69 you will both get addicted though we do it about 3/4 times a week sometimes with sex after, sometimes not. There is nothing better imo enjoy! wink

drivemecrazy63 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:17:10

what about using flavours [grins] make it tastier

MollysChamber Mon 20-Jun-11 18:17:15

If you don't like it don't do it.

missymoola Mon 20-Jun-11 18:19:03

I don't think it's fair to expect it from you if he won't give you oral. Don't do it if you don't like it!

inchoccyheaven Mon 20-Jun-11 18:20:05

I couldn't do 69 as I can't concentrate on him when enjoying myself grin [embarrassed} We take it in turns although I give more than I receive grr. Not that I mind giving at all ( enjoy the power grin ) but would like to recieve more.

Anyway I have a friend that only gives them using fruity flavoured condoms as she can't bear the taste of him or the mess so this works for her.

Ultimately though you don't have to do it if you don't want to, and definitely not ok for him to have double standards!

Ormirian Mon 20-Jun-11 18:20:27

i'm not keen and I definitely would NOT do it if her didn't reciprocate. Just tell him now till he gets down to it too.

TheMagnificentBathykolpian Mon 20-Jun-11 18:34:00

No. You certainly are not.

"I won't be doing it. I don't like the taste. You can understand and respect that." <hard stare>

Bloody cheek of the man if you ask me (which you didn't, but that has never stopped me yet) to expect something from you when he is not prepared to do the same for you.

AnyFucker Mon 20-Jun-11 18:36:18

you don't have to do anything you don't enjoy

particularly since he doesn't return the favour

this is a new relationship ? oh dear

who the fuck does he think he is ?

tell him to take a hike

WriterofDreams Mon 20-Jun-11 18:40:34

I hate it too and never give DH oral sex. He would like to go down on me but I don't like that either so there's no oral at all for us!

ithinkgoranwouldbegoodinbed Mon 20-Jun-11 18:41:59

I agree with AnyFucker

For the record, I love giving and receiving in that department. Can't say I keep a tally but I reckon we are honours even or thereabouts.

But honestly, if you don't like doing anything in the bedroom, don't do it.

dadof2ofthem Mon 20-Jun-11 18:46:43

my dw doesnt like it too much either, nor does she like me going down on her , well she does , but only when she has just had a shower, i try to tell her that if i'm horney enough to go down on her then it really doesnt matter if she has just had a shower or been at work all day. but maybe thats just me . it isnt fair that he is happy to recieve without giving though.

drivemecrazy63 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:50:37

wow a brave man to join the fray dadof nice to see a few men on board smile

JoySzasz Mon 20-Jun-11 18:50:44

I think he needs to learn how to get good at giving it to you.

If he learnt a few tricks he tongue wouldn't ache wink

Then you might get over the distasteful bits grin

I am lazy however,and shouldn't be giving any advice.

Pumpernickel10 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:56:05

I love giving and receiving and if he doesn't give you oral sex op how the fuck does he know how you taste?

Awomancalledhorse Mon 20-Jun-11 18:57:21

If he cba to go down on you, you shouldn't have to go down on him.
If DH didn't want to give me it, then he'd have to work out how to DIY!

If he was doing it right to his exes he wouldn't have tongue ache!

JoySzasz Mon 20-Jun-11 18:57:55

I think, he thinks we all taste the samewink

Just an excuse anyway.

Like I said,he needs to practice and develop those muscles.grin

Pumpernickel10 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:58:00

Are you the same dad "dadof2littlebuggers" who did a word by word account of your wanking? Methinks you name changed here

AnyFucker Mon 20-Jun-11 18:58:18

he sounds shit in bed

get rid of him

Pumpernickel10 Mon 20-Jun-11 18:59:42

It is the same dad, same spelling too. Did you name change because of how vile you made us feel on that porn thread.

queenmaeve Mon 20-Jun-11 19:00:13

its monday ffs!!! grin

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