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To want to share this with you?

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QuintessentialShadow Mon 20-Jun-11 00:35:58


TheNightNurse Mon 20-Jun-11 00:38:29


TheNightNurse Mon 20-Jun-11 00:38:58

As in, yes, lovely!

QuintessentialShadow Mon 20-Jun-11 09:19:10


I wish I was there....

novelsituation Mon 20-Jun-11 09:27:21

Great. Has set me up for the day

gremlindolphin Mon 20-Jun-11 09:30:53

Thanks for posting, this is fab!

QuintessentialShadow Mon 20-Jun-11 23:02:09

bump, because I like it so much! grin

elastamum Mon 20-Jun-11 23:14:23

Love it grin

QuintessentialShadow Mon 20-Jun-11 23:22:18

It was filmed not very far from where I live!!!! grin

wotifnotwotz Mon 20-Jun-11 23:35:03

It's lovely,

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