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AIBU to use dh's ex girl friends name for my baby?

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BloodyBabyNames Mon 20-Jun-11 00:23:29

DH has been in 3 long term relationships.

Me, and two girls with the same name. Charlotte. By sheer horrible coincidence its one of 2 names we both agree we like for a girl.

The other was used for dd1. As I'm pregnant again (still very early days so don't know the sex) we've come back to the baby name debate and still can't think of any girls names we both like.

Now Dh was with these women for several years one right after the other, I think much to his shame with his friends he actually refered to these them as Charlotte 1 and Charlotte 2.

So with that in mind, woudl it be weird if we had a daughter and named her Charlotte. I'm thinking I couldn't care less now just like the name.. but what if I ran in to one of them with potential dd2? Would it be embarrassing? Are we over thinking it? Would you do it?

BitOfFun Mon 20-Jun-11 00:28:06


worraliberty Mon 20-Jun-11 00:29:37

God no use it. It's not like it's a very unusual name if you see what I mean so I doubt anyone would bat an eyelid.

It's a pretty name anyway.

DontGoCurly Mon 20-Jun-11 00:29:59

I wouldn't do it.

wheresmywaist Mon 20-Jun-11 00:30:05

As long as you don't mind I can't see a problem, I wouldn't have wanted DH's ex's name for our child but we only have boys - although I don't think DH would have wanted any of my ex's names for our sons. I think it's great that it's not a problem for you smile

AuntiePickleBottom Mon 20-Jun-11 00:32:53

yanbu, after all it just a name.

but there be no way i would name my dd after the bitch of a ex my DH had

QuintessentialShadow Mon 20-Jun-11 00:35:06

I seriously doubt he will call his dds name, and think of an ex.

It is a name. The new little person will become THE charlotte, and all other charlottes will be just another Charlotte of little importance.

DogsBestFriend Mon 20-Jun-11 00:36:33

Agree with worra. It might cause more discomfort if the name were unusual but Charlotte is quite popular so there's no reason for anyone to think anything odd of it, they'll just think that you chose a pretty, traditional name.

BloodyBabyNames Mon 20-Jun-11 00:37:16

So not definitely reasonable or unreasonable then? If it makes any difference I've not actually met either of them and dh doesn't have any bad feelings towards either of them.

MrsRhettButler Mon 20-Jun-11 00:44:28

I'm using dp's ex's name for my dd due in two months.
Dp didn't like the name so I asked him why and he said because it's his ex's name and I told him to get over it and concentrate on how nice a name it is. It didn't bother me at all so not weird in my book smile

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 20-Jun-11 01:06:58

I love my ex's name. Wouldn't have used it myself. No hard feelings, it would just have been a bit weird. Does he still have any of the same friends because you may get some hmm faces?

reelingintheyears Mon 20-Jun-11 01:12:05

Might be weird for your DP.

And it is his baby too.

Does he not get a say in his baby's name?

BloodyBabyNames Mon 20-Jun-11 01:14:12

Yeah he does have many of the same friends, its the hmm factor that makes me question using the name. I really don't care and think DH wouldn't either- he's just embarrassed about what people will say. I also wonder if when he announces it to friends in RL or on FB if they will be like wtf? And wonder if I "know"?

mrsrhett let us know if you regret it later! grin

BloodyBabyNames Mon 20-Jun-11 01:16:53

Like I said, it was the only name we both like. He's a bit embarrassed but not saying no. We are both equally a bit unsure about the name for the reasons explained though. When did I say he had no say?

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 20-Jun-11 01:16:58

Is DH sure he wouldn't end up referring to your daughter as Charlotte Three, if talking to old friends?

BloodyBabyNames Mon 20-Jun-11 01:19:48

Not if he values his bollocks and he does tortoise

reelingintheyears Mon 20-Jun-11 01:20:00


But if it were me i'd always think (know) that.

Continuum Mon 20-Jun-11 01:22:19

I would!

We are naming ds2 the same name as an ex friend who was a fucking nob. It's a regular name, there are lots of others out there with that name and he will become our Boysname and the other person will be forgotten. We really couldn't come up with another boys name we loved as much and don't see why the nob should put us off!

BloodyBabyNames Mon 20-Jun-11 01:22:54

Lets all just hope I have a boy. Much easier that way (I still have the boy name that I would have used for dd)

reelingintheyears Mon 20-Jun-11 01:29:22

Call him Charlie...grin

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 20-Jun-11 01:30:32


AmberLeaf Mon 20-Jun-11 01:55:59

No way.

kaid100 Mon 20-Jun-11 07:35:14

One of the names my wife suggested when we were thinking about names for our twin girls was the same as my ex-girlfriend's. Even though it was ten years since I was with her it still felt inappropriate. Fortunately there were enough other names we could agree on that it wasn't a problem. Maybe a book of baby names (or a website) might help drum up some new ideas?

MorelliOrRanger Mon 20-Jun-11 08:20:52

Charlotte is a lovely name. Its just coincidence so go for it if its the only name you both like.

They are ex's - it doesn't matter.

Omigawd Mon 20-Jun-11 08:22:36

Charlotte 3.....

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